Claire Perrot, Comtéologist

Claire Perrot - Comteologue (c) Olivier Marie /

Claire Perrot - Comteologue (c) Olivier Marie /

Claire Perrot – Comteologue (c) Olivier Marie

– Blogger? – Journalist ? arf, not possible, they’ll think I’ve got percings. – Journalist ? arf, not possible either, they’ll think I’m a show-off :

– Specialist in digital communication ? han, what’s all this ?

La Table du Comté – Webmaster ? tss, why not a specialist in the global internet while we’re at it.

In short, it’s always complicated. Why do I tell you that ? Because

Claire Perrot

, she is


. Yes, friends of the Internet. It looks good, right?

Afterwards I don’t know if she has children but I’m not sure they put Comtéologue on the parent teacher file 😉 It would be a question to dig up.

Comtéologue is a specialist in

And then, of course, you have all the Comté cheese to cook: With a scallop, choose a mild Comté, with a trout fillet, opt for something more intense. With bacon on the other hand, you will have to select a Comté with more grilled aromas. You can also taste it with fruit etc. Comté is great.

What’s your favorite moment?

So I’m all year round, all day, all night!

Comté (c) Olivier Marie /

Comté (c) Olivier Marie

But how do you keep your figure?

It’s thanks to the saponification effect of calcium!

The saponification effect?

Yes! The fat contained in Comté cheese is only partially assimilated by the body because of the “saponification” effect of calcium. Indeed, Comté, as a “pressed cooked” cheese, is particularly rich in calcium. This forms insoluble soaps in the small intestine, together with long-chain saturated fatty acids, which are eliminated in the stool. Léon Guégen already explained it in his 1992 study, then in that of 2008. Olivier Berdeaux of the INRA in Dijon confirmed this property in 2013.

Too good isn’t it?

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