Coconut and chia seeds pudding

Pudding coco et graines de chia

Pudding coco et graines de chia

Coconut pudding and chia seeds

Organic chia seeds are interesting for your health because they contain a lot of Omega 3 and fibers. Since 5 or 6 years we hear more and more about it. I had never used them before, (I’m afraid the rest of the family is worried), but finally I dared.

They are sprinkled in soups, salads etc like other seeds but they can also be used to make delicious puddings. The chia seed contains mucilage which makes it swell when wet (no, it’s not a bad thing). In short, we liked these coconut milk verrines to which I added a bit of cocoa grits for the crunchy and bitter side.

  • For 5 verrines
  • :

  • 500 ml of

  • coconut milk
  • 70 g of
  • chia seeds

  • 70 ml of neutral honey, organic and French if possible (because honey, it’s a bit scandalous what they sell us)

5 teaspoons of cocoa gruel (a splinter of roashed and crushed cocoa bean)

5 pieces of



Pudding aux graines de chia, lait de coco et grué de cacao

Coconut Tip : Fresh coconut is now available in small trays at the supermarket. I find it convenient because I never eat a whole coconut. That saves me from wasting it. It’s certainly more expensive per kilo but considering what I didn’t eat, I find it easy to understand.


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