How much does a stick of butter weigh

Stick de beurre

Stick de beurre Butter Stick

Internet friends, you like the recipes from across the Atlantic or across the Channel and you weigh in front of the measures in cups , in sticks and other table spoons ?

Not easy to convert isn’t it ?

It makes me remember that time I wanted to make a recipe for cookies from I don’t know what English site. Instead of putting 12 stick of butter, I put 2 times that amount. I had thought that the consistency of my dough was strange but it’s only after baking that I understood the mistake: I had little pieces of chocolate floating on melted butter!

#Han! everything in the trash can.

Anyway if you were wondering how much a stick of butter weighed, it’s easy, just look at the picture. A stick of butter weighs 113 grams

. It’s written on it 🙂

. And if you are observant, you will notice that in a stick there are 8 table spoons (tablespoons). So, for the non-mathletes, a tablespoon of butter weighs 14 grams .

Thank you who?

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