La cuisine de la Dolce Vita d’;Eleonora Galasso

A la Romaine - Eleonora Galasso

A la Romaine - Eleonora Galasso

A la Romaine – Eleonora Galasso

I will try in this month of November to regularly offer you gift ideas for the holidays. We start with this beautiful book of Eleonora Galasso dedicated to Roman cuisine . Eleonora , I don’t know if you remember, but I met her several times and each time with happiness, the first one during my family vacations in Rome . For the anecdote, while I was posting a photo of the Eternal City on my Instagram account, she had proposed in the comments of the photo to show me her city. It was just magical.

I went back to see her a year or two later to take a cooking class, and then I saw her again in Paris.

Eleonora has a lot of talent and knowledge about

Italian cuisine and her book is a little gem. For this first book, she has travelled extensively in Lazio, collecting recipes and anecdotes from all sorts of figures of the region to bring them to life with talent and she gives us many recipes :

Her book is divided into several chapters :

    The ritual of breakfast in town

  • with recipes for granola, biscotti brutti ma buoni (ugly but delicious cookies), bombolini (oven-baked donuts), fette biscottae (brioche biscotti)…
  • Les snacks

  • with the recipes of the tarallucci al vino (the tarallucci with wine), the torta rustica carfiofi, piselli e prosciutto (the pie with artichokes, peas and ham), the pizzette rosse (mini pizzas with tomato sauce), …
  • Lunch on the go with the pomodori ripieni con patate (tomatoes stuffed with rice and roasted potatoes), the panino di mozzarella, (tomato in mozzarella sandwich), the melanzane e zucchine a barchetta (eggplant and zucchini trays), …
Tomates farcies au riz et pommes de terre rôties

Tomatoes stuffed with rice and roasted potatoes

  • Family lunch with gnocchi alla Romana con sugo di spuntature di maiale (Roman style gnocchi and pork with tomato), the pasta al forno con aspargi, pancetta e provola (pasta gratin with asparagus, pancetta and provolone), the polpette della Nonna accompanied by scalogni glassati con prugne sec sec (grandmother’s dumplings, shallots and glazed prunes) .
  • : Mozzarella in carrozza (mozzarella in carrozza), panzanella (bread salad), tramezzini (aperitif sandwiches) …

  • : Romantic dinners with the bucatini alle vongole and potato alla menta (bucatini with clams and mint potatoes), osso buco al pepe verde e vignarola (ossao buco à la romaine and vignarola), …
  • : Food Happiness dinners

  • with the pasta cacioi, pepe e cozze : Pasta with cheese, mussels and peppers, porschetta di Ariccia e cavoli tracinati (pork roasted Arricia style and cabbage bundles), pasta all’Amatriciana (pasta with Amatriciana) …
  • Festive dishes

  • : Cuzzupa Pasquale (Easter bread with eggs), Pesche sciroppate con panna (peaches poached in syrup and cream)… : Fruttini gelato (ice cream in milk shells), Torta della nonna (all with grandmother’s cream), Tiramisu al limone (lemon tiramisu), Castagnaccio (chestnut flour cake)… :
  • Les conserves : Carciofini sott’olio (artichokes in oil), Conserva alla cipolla rossa (sweet and sour red onions) .
  • : Les petits creux de minuit

  • : Carciofi alla Romana (artichokes à la Romaine), Pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup in bread crust)…
Château Saint Ange

Château Saint Ange

In short, if Etienne Daho wrote weekend in Rome, Eleonora, she offers you a gourmet trip to Rome

illustrated with beautiful photos by David Loftus, Jamie Oliver’s photographer. To offer or to offer you this book is to dive into Eleonora’s universe that she calls herself the Food Happiness (happiness through food). A nice program, isn’t it?

A la Romaine – La cuisine de la Dolce Vita – Eleonora Galasso – Editions Chêne – 24,90 €

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