La Fabrique Givrée, Bordeaux

Glaces - La Fabrique Givrée

Glaces - La Fabrique Givrée

Ice Cream – La Fabrique Givrée

Bordeaux Friends, the ice cream parlors are blooming at Bordeaux even faster than the artisanal breweries, that’s to say! La Fabrique givrée which just opened last week at 25 rue du Pas Saint Georges enters directly into my top 2 (the other one I like very much is the Maison du Glacier, place Saint pierre).

The raw materials needed to make the ice creams of La Fabrique Givrée are subject to a rigorous selection process around the laboratory in Tournon, in the heart of their privileged terroir: the Rhone Valley. The Givrés, that is to say the 3 creators of this brand, thus have recourse for the vast majority of their supplies to producers located less than 100 km from their base, and, in their quest for the extraordinary, draw from distant origins some exceptional products. Vanilla Tahiti grand cru Bora Bora, PGI hazelnut from Piedmont, orange blossom water from Lebanon, Alphonso mango from India, Guatemala grand cru coffee roasted in the oldest coal machine in France, in Uzès …

La fabrique givrée - Bordeaux

The Frosted Factory – Bordeaux

So many intense and unequalled flavors that come to blend with the local wonders : Ardéchois artisanal apple juice from Pierrette, Ardèche chestnuts from the Imbert house, organic roses from the Berty rose garden, white peaches from the Rhone Valley, Weiss and Valrhona grand cru chocolates, processed respectively in Saint Etienne and Tain l’Hermitage, to name but a few.

The ice creams are all made from fresh milk from the Monts d’Ardèche from Vals les Bains, achieving the feat of being as tasty as they are light, and the sorbets are based on spring water from the Ardéchois volcanoes of the Reine des Basaltes.

If you pass in front of it, stop and absolutely taste the perfumes apricot rosemary, toast (surprising and delicious), nectarine, hazelnuts etc.

It is open every day in Bordeaux from 11 am to 11 pm . You can taste on the spot (really a nice place) or take away.

Prices : 1 ball : 2,60€ 2 balls : 4,70€ 3 balls : 6,50€ 4 balls : 8 €

La Fabrique Givrée .
25 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges
33000 Bordeaux
Tél: 09 83 08 02 95

Tramway : Sainte Catherine or Place du Palais

Other good local ice cream parlors : M&O – 53 Rue Saint James and the local Ô Sorbet d’amour, 11, place du Parlement without forgetting Bonnie Blue, 9 rue du Parlement Saint Pierre.

Enjoy !

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