Marie Dijon, an amazing chef!

Marie Dijon (c) Olivier Marie -

Marie Dijon loves to cook and it shows! Just look at the picture below and you understand everything!

Marie Dijon aime cuisiner et cela se voit (c) Olivier Marie /

Marie Dijon loves to cook and it shows (c) Olivier Marie

I didn’t know this young 24 year old chef from Marseille at all but I can tell you that I succumbed to the charm of her cooking. I was indeed lucky enough to discover and taste her at the ephemeral restaurant,

La Table du Comté , which was set up in the Phocaean city from October 7th to 11th.

This little piece of woman has indeed sent some dishes which dishevelled notably her starter with knives, clementines, young Comté, coriander and almond which was just incredible.

Couteau par Marie Dijon

Knife by Marie Dijon

And incredible thing, friends of the internets, Marie has only been cooking for 3 years. Personally, after 3 years of cooking, apart from a yoghurt cake and pasta with tomato sauce, I didn’t know how to do much 😉

I wanted to know a little more about her already young life, young work, and here is the result.

Hello Marie, can you tell me how you fell into the pot? Was cooking a vocation?

I have always loved to cook. It’s a family passion, my father cooked a lot but it was not his job at all. I used to help him prepare buffets for family celebrations.

But finally you changed your mind?

Yes. I did a refresher course to validate a CAP in cooking at the Bonneveine Hotel School and started working on a sandwich course with Ludovic Turac, chef of the restaurant Une Table au Sud. This experience really reassured me about my choice because even though I worked 120 hours a week, I never felt like I was working.

You then joined the Grain de Sel team?

Yes and I was really lucky to work with Pierre Gianetti, the chef of this establishment. We were very little in the kitchen and we really touched everything. Thanks to him I developed a love of products, the need to understand the craft of each artisan and the desire to know more about the origin of the ingredients.

Marie Dijon (c) Olivier Marie -

Marie Dijon (c) Olivier Marie –

And from second in the restaurant you became a chef?

Yes. I was very attached to the restaurant. I took over when he left and hired two friends.

How would you define your cooking style:

He is a bit like me, it goes all over the place! I have no barriers, no limits. Everything is possible.

I once went to Jean Luc Rabanel’s house in Arles and I liked it very much. Otherwise, my mentor is Pierre Gianetti. I like to be inspired by chefs but I never look at recipes. I don’t have the time. Cooking is very instinctive. If you look for information, recipes, you lose the magic.

Would you say that your cuisine is Marseilles?

Yes, in terms of associations and products such as olives, capers, citrus fruits or seafood for example.

What is it absolutely necessary to taste in Marseilles?

The panisses in l’Estaque and nowhere else.

Thank you Marie. Otherwise what are your plans?

In the spring I will be leaving for 2 years as a chef in a restaurant in Shanghai. I want to travel, see the world, discover products and cuisines. Then I hope to go to South America, Peru.

La carrosserie Marseille - La table du Comté (c) Olivier Marie /

La carrosserie Marseille – La table du Comté (c) Olivier Marie

A last word: Since we are here at the Table du Comté, what does this cheese represent for you?

I have been tasting Comté cheese for years! I love all the nuances it offers, from fruity to undergrowth aromas. It goes well with many things in the kitchen, including local products from Marseille.

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