Pastry cream and its derivatives

Crème pâtissière ©Elflaco1983 shutterstock

Crème pâtissière ©Elflaco1983 shutterstock

Pastry cream ©Elflaco1983 shutterstock

Crème mousseline , crème chiboust , crème pâtissière ,

crème diplomate

, you’ve already heard or read these terms without really knowing exactly what it was, don’t panic, I’m here : p

I took the opportunity yesterday to be a jury member at a pastry competition, as part of the Bordeaux So Good festival, to ask Pierre Mirgalet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolate maker and confectioner based in Gujan Mestras.
Everything starts from the pastry cream (click for the recipe).

This cream that we don’t see too much as such is THE base of these much more trendy creams :

  • crème chibouste is a pastry cream glued with gelatine and Italian meringue. It is the cream used for the Saint Honoré.
  • crème diplomate is a pastry cream with whipped cream and gelatin added. It is the cream of the millefeuille for example.
  • The crème Princesse , or crème Madame , is the result of a mixture of pastry cream and whipped cream to lighten it.
  • The crème mousseline is a pastry cream to which butter has been added. It can be garnished with strawberries and millefeuilles.
  • crème frangipane is composed of pastry cream and almond cream. It is the filling of the Galette des Rois.
Galette frangipane

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