The 10 favorite dishes of the French

Magret de canard (c) 1eyeshut shutterstock

Magret de canard (c) 1eyeshut shutterstock

Duck breast (c) 1eyeshut shutterstock

The French say yes to taste discoveries when traveling but remain faithful to their traditional duck breast.

As we approach La Semaine du Goût®, unveils

the list of favorite dishes of our compatriots

. La Semaine du Goût®* which will take place from October 10 to 16, 2016, is dedicated to the preservation of the culture of culinary heritage and good food.

Gastronomy and tourism are finding more and more echoes among French travelers. I often tell you 🙂 90% of them like to venture out and taste local specialties while traveling, according to the study conducted for the online travel agency on the importance given to gastronomy before and during the holidays**.

Ranking of the ten favorite dishes by the French according to

By clicking on the pink links, you get to the recipes. Magical, isn’t it?

1. duck breast – 48%
2. prime rib – 37%
3. raclette – 33%
4. Beef bourguignon – 29%
5. Veal blanquette – 28%
6. Fried mussels – 27%

Moules frite (c) Archangel12 CCBY20 Fried mussels (c) Archangel12 CCBY20

7. Leg of Lamb – 26.5%

8. Couscous – 23%

9. Steak and French fries – 22.5%
10. Stuffed tomatoes – 22 %

What do you gourmands think?

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