The art of taking one’s time in the kitchen

Effiler les haricots

Marcher dans le sable

Walking in the Sand

Maybe for some of you the vacations are over? For me no vacations this year because everything has been a bit turned upside down between moving my daughter to Lille where she will continue her studies and my job. When you have a blog, professional

life never stops #VisMaVie. It’s not because you go on vacations or weekends that comments stop, emails disappear as if by magic, or questions stop.

You’ll tell me:

All you have to do is turn off your computer or your smartphone and voila, everything stops.

Not false but not so obvious. I receive about 300 emails a day for example. If I disconnect for 10 days, that’s 3000 mails I have to read when I come back home and just thinking about it gives me a headache. Last year, I did something a bit crazy:

I had selected the 3,000 emails in question when I came back from my vacations and checked the “Suppr” box.

And paf la giraffe, the 3,000 e-mails had gone into the trash can of the global internet. #Maybe in those emails I had an offer to buy Papilles et Pupilles for 3 million dollars (at least), a proposal for a trip to Uzbekistan or Vietnam, maybe I didn’t answer one of your questions…

Yes, but I threw it all away, thinking that if there was something important, it would come back.

In fact, the more societies modernize, the less time we have.

Crazy isn’t it?

So in order to feel good in your sneakers, to feel less stressed in our daily lives, why not try to take the time, to live in

phase with yourself.

Effiler les haricots

Let’s take the time to go to the

market, to do our shopping while being aware of what we are buying, to choose these peaches because they are perfectly ripe or these tomatoes because they make us want them (and not because they are on the list). Be curious and discover new flavours of fruits and vegetables you don’t know about.

    : Give us time to do one thing at a time

  • : No need to watch homework while phoning your brother while cooking potatoes.
  • Let’s be aware that

  • time spent cooking is not wasted but time spent eating well, pleasing family and ourselves.
  • Let’s take the time to shell beans or peas as a family. It’s deadly boring, I agree with you, but in the end it’s not so bad to be bored. It rests the neurons (tap 1) or allows us to get our head out of the handlebars (tap 2).
  • Let’s take some time to prepare something that pleases us

  • : cookies, fruit salad, fig and nut crumble …
  • Let’s not try to be faster than the music

  • . Let the dishes simmer and the pasta rise, let’s practice soft cooking.
  • Let’s take time to eat. We eat as a family, all together. We don’t have a television and we talk. And we don’t gobble up food while watching Facebook. No, we pay attention to what we eat, we eventually put our fork down between each bite.

Does that tempt you? It speaks to you? Or am I in the middle of a boo-boo crisis?

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