The Citrus Bible: Mélanie Martin

La bible des agrumes - Mélanie Martin

La bible des agrumes - Mélanie Martin

The Citrus Bible – Mélanie Martin

I love citrus fruits in cooking, in both sweet and savory dishes. And this book by Mélanie Martin really puts them in the spotlight.

Sweetness of orange, acidity of lime, fragrant flavors of yuzu, citrus fruits are added to sauces and seasonings, make delicious jams and condiments and give a boost to many sweet and savory recipes.

This book on

citrus fruits includes 120 recipes, from basic recipes to drinks, appetizers, dishes and desserts. There’s something for every taste. Personally, I am looking at lime achards, detox water with orange, fish rillettes with citrus fruits, fish ceviche with lime and ginger, veal keftas with preserved lemon and cumin, Thai chicken curry with cumbava, lamb mouse preserved in clementine juice, lemon meringue pie or crepes Suzette.

Everything is appetizing and the styling (Mélanie Martin) and photos (Emanuela Cino) are very well done.

If you like citrus fruits, if you are looking for an gift idea, then this book is for you.

The Citrus Bible – Mélanie Martin – Handy hatchet – 24,95€

Enjoy !

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