A weekend in Arcachon

Vue depuis la dune du Pyla sur le bassin

Cabanes Tchanquées (c) xavier33300 licence CC BY 2.0

Tchanquées huts (c) xavier33300 licence CC BY 2.0

If one asks me



Cap Ferret

, I would not know what to answer. I like both as much, but out of season! During the summer we never go there, there are too many people and it’s too much trouble to go there. Whereas normally it takes between 1h and 1h30 depending on where you go, in summer it can take up to 3 hours if you leave at the same time as everyone else.

Jetée d'Eyrac - Arcachon I wanted to share with you a nice weekend by the sea and so in this case


The city is very pleasant and the surroundings are magnificent.

Saturday …

Notre Dame des Passes - Le Moulleau

Once the car is parked in the parking lot of your hotel or guest house and the luggage put down, forward for the weekend program:

Walking on the seafront.

Pier of Eyrac – Arcachon

Escalier de la dune

Go up to the church Notre Dame des Passes located at Moulleau

(the passes of the banc d’Arguin) and contemplate the view on the Arcachon basin.

Vue depuis la dune du Pyla sur le bassin Notre Dame des Passes – Le Moulleau

Climb the dune of Pyla

. Choose the stairs or go directly by the sand for the brave ones (I chose the stairs).

Chambre d'hôtel

Stairway to the dune

The reward, the view from the top:

View from the dune du Pyla on the basin

Cabanes ostréicoles (c) JP Chretien shutterstock

Oyster huts (c) JP Chretien shutterstock

Port ostréicole de Gujan Mestras

Oyster port of Gujan Mestras


And then, to finish our weekend in beauty, take a walk in the winter city, on the heights of Arcachon to contemplate these magnificent residences, the Arcachonnaises with the so characteristic style.


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