Destination Singapore!

Singapour (c) Songquan Deng shutterstock

Singapour (c) Songquan Deng shutterstock

Singapore (c) Songquan Deng shutterstock

By the time you read these few words I will be on a plane for a good twelve hours flight to Singapore

. I don’t know it at all (apart from its airport where I stayed a few times in transit). As I love Asia in general, I hope that I will love Singapore in particular.

A few days ago in my article I would like …, I told you “I wish that chewing gum didn’t exist. “Well, friends of interns, I learned from reading a little about Singapore before I left that they were forbidden there: p

A sign no?

Kitchen side looks very interesting. There are a lot of influences: Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, English, Vietnamese Thai etc.. I hope to be able to bring you recipes that can be made with ingredients found here. I’m going there as part of the

Singapore Food Festival

(Singapore Culinary Festival) whose guideline this year is:

Savour the Past, Taste the Future


A great program!

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