Fleuriet vinegars – Rouillac vinegars

Philippe et Françoise Fleuriet

Philippe et Françoise Fleuriet

Philippe and Françoise Fleuriet

Françoise and Philippe Fleuriet are from Compiègne. After having come several times in


on vacations they decide in 1981 to settle there definitively. They thus leave jobs and friends to land in the South West.

Passionate about gardening, Philippe produces a lot of vegetables that Françoise canned for their personal use. Françoise likes the sweetness that we find a lot in the kitchen of the North of France. So she decides to start making onion confits.

: It’s the beginning of the story.

Because to make onion confit you need vinegar . They both start by using cider vinegar, Champagne vinegar, Banyuls vinegar to end up considering to produce a Pineau vinegar. If there is Banyuls vinegar, why can’t we make a Pineau vinegar

. That is the question.

Et hop.

Vinaigres Fleuriet

Vinaigres Fleuriet

4 years of experience, training and trial and error later they develop this Pineau Vinegar

very much appreciated by many chefs in France and throughout the world.

They work only the two of them, like madmen, to keep their small business afloat which has been through the crisis. Today, carried by word of mouth, they manage to make ends meet but consider themselves as survivors.

Stockage du vinaigre

Vinegar storage

Entirely made on the spot and simmered in small quantities, Françoise and Philippe’s recipes are elaborated as the harvests progress from old or traditional varieties of fruits and vegetables picked locally in high season and at optimal maturity .

. They use no additives, preservatives or coloring

. Even the saffron comes from Charente and the salt comes straight from the Ile de Ré.
It is absolutely exceptional.

You will find their products in delicatessens (Grande Epicerie and Maison Plisson, Roellinger store in Paris; Oliv’art, Cave de l’Univerre, Cognac Only in Bordeaux to give only these two cities) and also at home in Charente. You can also order by phone.

If you find some, don’t miss it.

Practical information :

Enjoy !

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