How to prepare an escalope style magret

Magret fendu en deux (c) S_Photo shutterstock

Magret fendu en deux (c) S_Photo shutterstock Duck breast split in two (c) S_Photo shutterstock

Cooking duck breasts

is sometimes problematic. I always make them in the oven cf recipe for baked duck breasts but I must admit that I was enthusiastic about Mrs Labatut’s technique. She has a canning factory in Saint Puy in the Gers Gers . she transforms the duck breast into 2 escalopes much easier to cook in a pan or on a plancha.

I show you :

Clever no ?

For 2 persons :

Prepare the duck breasts as indicated above. Cook them on high heat for 1 minute 30 on each side for a rosy result. Season with salt, pepper and a little Espelette chilli pepper. Delicious!

Otherwise click here to discover

how to prepare the magrets tournedos style .

Mme Labatut – Conserverie Terre Blanche – 32 310 Saint Puy

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