Join me for a live cooking class in video with l’;Atelier des Chefs

Cours de cuisine en live - Atelier des chefs

Cours de cuisine en live - Atelier des chefs

Live Cooking Classes – Chef’s Workshop

Friends of Internets,

For years I have had a special affection for the Chef’s Workshop which created and dusted off the cooking class. So when they proposed me to to host an online cooking class,

said yes. Yet this is the kind of stuff that freaks me out +++

Just thinking about it …


I really count on you to encourage me.

I don’t know if you knew these online courses ? Since not everyone can go to a Chef’s Workshop, there, it comes to you via your computer. It’s live (you receive the shopping list beforehand and then you cook at the same time as the chef and you can of course ask questions) or replayed. The concept is called I-Chef



Every week, if you are a subscriber, you can follow 4 new live courses (from Tuesday to Friday at 7pm) during which you cook at the same time as the chef and you can ask him all the questions you want. You also have access to more than 700 reruns of different recipes allowing all cooks whatever their level (from beginner to confirmed) to find their happiness

! For this special edition, it will of course be completely free ! You will be able to ask me questions (the recipe, my life and my work 😉 ), in short, we will be able to chat.

I therefore give you RV on March 8th at 7pm.

you can even register today to receive a reminder link just before the course starts.

See you soon!

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