May Chow, ambassador for Hong Kong nouvelle cuisine

May Chow

Hong Kong in Bordeaux

Hong Kong in Bordeaux

For several years, the city of Hong Kong has been associated with the Bordeaux wine festival event that is currently taking place. Moreover, in 2009, on the model of our local festival was created there the Wine and Dine festival

which takes place every year on the same model and which combines the best of international wines with the local, Cantonese gastronomy.

Hong Kong cuisine, I have already told you about it, is quite exciting. On the one hand, it has strong traditional Chinese roots and on the other hand, it has a great English and Western influence. The result is amazing. Add to that the diversity of the population and you get the best cuisines in the world.

This translates into the existence of more than 12,000 restaurants, including some sixty Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of them are street snacks such as Mak Kwai Pui, the cheapest star in the world, who came to Bordeaux two years ago.

This year we were lucky enough to meet May Chow

, a 32-year-old female chef, representing a new generation of young Hong Kong chefs, born and raised in Hong Kong but who have also studied or travelled all over the world. May lived in the United States and Canada before returning to China.

May Chow

May Chow

May, how would you define your cuisine?

In my restaurant, the atmosphere is relaxed. People choose 6 or 7 dishes and share. I have only 26 seats but I serve more than 100 covers per evening. The tables turn 5 times in the evening. It’s amazing!

Les plats de May Chow

Why did you choose Hong Kong rather than another city to settle down?

Because they are my roots. My family lives there. Besides Hong Kong offers a lot of opportunities, it’s a very exciting city a bit like New York. There is an incredible energy.

May Chow et Alvin Leung When did you realize that you wanted to become a chef?

I discovered my vocation at a very young age. In China, it’s not like in France, when you don’t know what to do, they tell you, well, you’ll cook. After going through Boston University where I graduated in hotel and restaurant business, I started by working at the Great Bay restaurant (Boston), then went to Los Angeles before coming back to Hong Kong with Alvin Leung, a very innovative chef, very rock n roll. I opened my own restaurant in 2013, Little Bao.

May Chow and Alvin Leung

Oie laquée rôtie - Yat Lok - Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Roasted Lacquered Geese. It’s incredible.

If cooking is your first passion, what’s your second?

Anything to drink! Wines, homemade beers, whiskies, I like everything.

Is this the first time you’ve come to Bordeaux?

No, the second, but the first, I was very young.

What have you been doing these few days?

I went to dine at the Bordelaise brewery, at Belle Campagne, visited the Château Pontet Canet and the Château Haut Bailly.

Lantau Island (c) authentic travel shutterstock What has marked you here?

The quality of life. In Hong Kong, people don’t know how to enjoy life like here. What Hong Kong people are really interested in is making money.

Thank you May!

Lantau Island (c) authentic travel shutterstock

Hong Kong

it is certainly a

gastronomic destination

but it is also a very beautiful

tourist destination

offering great diversity.

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