New Year’s Day blooper

Happy new year ©BranislavP shutterstock

Happy new year ©BranislavP shutterstock

Happy new year ©BranislavP shutterstock

I am now offering a second newsletter of comments, mails etc. that I have received. If you want to read the other one it’s here: christmas beêtisier.

I wish you an excellent year 2016 , joy, happiness, prosperity, health, and gluttony !

Good reading 😉

Hello yellow pages

Hello could you please tell me where these salt capers are sold. Thank you in advance.

How can I tell you …

(On the Facebook page of the blog)

More recipes !!!

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Did you take your drops?

The homeless (

understand wasabi – editor’s note

) in itself is certainly very tasty, but was it necessary to add that a SHARK SKIN grater was needed to give ideas to the species destroyers?

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Tu as pris tes gouttes ? © MilanMarkovic78 shutterstock

About a brioche recipe where I advise to knead with a bread machine or a robot

I don’t doubt the recipe for a second but is it possible to give us a recipe that doesn’t oblige us to go and buy a spaceship in a shop sign!!? I’m sorry but I’m frustrated because I was happy to be able to make a brioche and well it’s not allowed because I’m not part of the class of people who can afford a bread machine in the supermarket … Thank you for the recipe available to whoever is entitled


So without a breadmaker or a kneader, from the depths of my Spain, I will not have my crown of kings… NOT SYMPA papillae and pupils

HAN !! ©Nomad_Soul shutterstock_183089321 HAN !! ©Nomad_Soul shutterstock

Lost, try again

Hello Mercotte.

What I think about when the comment begins with “I do not want to polemic but … ”

Pouet !

Pouet !

Why me

Hello, we have people in lodging at home and would be very


to visit your kennel, Thursday is what would be possible; if you could confirm it to me, I give you my phone number ”

Of course ….


I’m looking for a way to buy seeds of very strong West Indian chilli pepper. Please tell me how to do so.

Being a novice in this field, please tell me the following
1ha produces how many kg?
How many seeds are needed for 1 ha.
Thank you in advance.
Of course your answer will be accompanied by prices.

On a recipe for salmon terrine

Hello, can I make this recipe without salmon?

Houla houla shutterstock

Baguette magique (c) focal point shutterstock

What do you mean by vermicelli????

Ver-mi-celle ... (c) Ollyy shutterstock

Worm-grass … That is to say ……… (c) Ollyy shutterstock

The one who thought he was a cat

Comment (Siamese head avatar) left on a recipe for roast pork

“Obviously, for you humans, this is a treat! But we, the felines, prefer CRUE meat! Bon ap!!!! “

We read before commenting, thank you.

On the blog post presenting my blogroll…

It’s really nice your recipe, I want to taste it too much!!!!

Still not … Try again 🙂

Hello Audrey

In your opinion?

Cocotte minute My cake pan is bigger than yours, should I increase the proportion of ingredients?

Physical Sciences

I think that baking paper replaces the pressure cooker, it’s the same principle.

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