Rhubarb and vanilla cake

Génoise à la rhubarbe

Génoise à la rhubarbe

Rhubarb Cake

When you have a blog, you are always looking for new recipes to share new articles. It’s a bit of a drift. Even if you have the ultimate recipe for this or that, you’re always looking for something better. This week I bought rhubarb

. I have a great recipe for rhubarb cake but I wanted to try something else. So I took my inspiration from a recipe published in Delicious magazine called rhubarb and vanilla sponge pudding.

This cake looks a little bit like a cobbler. We bake the fruit and put the dough on it. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the result (especially when I spread the dough on the pre-baked fruit) and in fact it’s too good. The cake absorbs the rhubarb juice, it’s tip top.

The recipe for 1 cake:

Split the vanilla bean in half. Using the tip of a knife, collect the seeds and put them in a salad bowl. Add 200 g caster sugar, mix, then add the flour and stir again.

Peel and wash the rhubarb and cut the stalks into 5 cm sections. Dry them and place them in the sugar-farina-vanilla mixture.

Faites macérer la rhubarbe

Take the rhubarb out of the oven while you prepare the dough for the cake.

Différentes étapes de la préparation du gâteau

Different steps in the preparation of the cake

Whip the butter and 115 g of sugar for 5 minutes until the mixture is light and airy. Add one egg, while continuing to beat, then the second one, also adding 1 tablespoon of flour with incorporated baking powder from the 150 g. Pour in the liquid vanilla, then the rest of the flour and a pinch of salt. Continue beating and finish by pouring the 3 tablespoons of milk. Mix.

With this paste, cover the pre-cooked rhubarb. Go ahead spoon by spoon and spread as you can.

Gâteau à la sortie du four Put in the oven for 35 minutes of cooking, rotating heat and always at 180°C.

Cake at the exit of the oven

Gâteau à la rhubarbe

Let rest then 10 minutes before serving lukewarm. If you are very greedy, accompany with a custard. I admit that at room temperature it is also top top top. The cake drinks the juice of the rhubarb is divine.

Rhubarb cake

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