Sangria without alcohol

Sangria sans alcool (c) Yulia elf_inc Tropina Shutterstock

Sangria sans alcool (c) Yulia elf_inc Tropina Shutterstock

Alcohol-free sangria (c) Yulia elf_inc Tropina Shutterstock

In this version of

alcohol-free sangria

, the refreshing Spanish drink won’t turn your head. The recipe is given for 1 glass so you can easily multiply it according to the number of guests. But this quantity is indicative. It is up to you to adjust the ingredients according to your tastes and those of your guests.

For 1 glass :

In a blender, mix the juices. Fill the wine glass with ice cubes and pour the mixture into the glass halfway up. Cut the orange and lemon into thin slices and then cut them into 4. Add 2 or 3 pieces to the glass and one or two strawberries cut in 2 or 4. Complete with the lemonade and decorate with one or two mint leaves.


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