The Capuchin Market, Bordeaux

Marché des Capucins

Marché des Capucins

Capuchin Market

Before my children had food allergies, I didn’t really pay much attention to the contents of the family plates. My husband and I used to shop at the supermarket and every once in a while we would go to the market next door more for a walk than to buy food.
And then the kids had to follow strict diets to cope with their allergies and I started reading labels for allergens. And then, HAN!!! I realized that a lot of preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers and other things were being swallowed.
I think that’s when I started going to the markets in general and Capuchin market in particular. The


Marché des Capucins - Bordeaux , as they are called here, is

THE historic

Bordeaux market, created in 1749. It takes its name from the Capuchin monks who came to evangelize this neighborhood.

Capuchin Market – Bordeaux

This is not the closest market to my home but it is the one I prefer because it is authentic . Composed of 97 traders and 13 carts, it is




Huîtres mal faites Capucins . There are market gardeners coming to sell their vegetables from the region, butchers, cheese makers, market gardeners, poultry farmers, fishmongers, …


A good idea isn’t it?

You have to come to the market early on weekends if you don’t want to get in the lines in front of the stands. Personally I always go before 9 o’clock. If you go there very very early, you may even come across hungry night owls, as the Capuchins have always been a meeting place when leaving the nightclubs.

I had participated in a video as part of the operation le marché préféré des français launched by St Môret and I am sharing it so that you can see a little of the atmosphere

Some of my good addresses at the Capucins :

  • For the meat : Boucherie Gautier
  • For the fruits and vegetables : The different market gardeners, producers of the market. I go a little bit everywhere.
  • For the aromatic herbs : La Cabane aux aromates
  • For the cheeses : La Ronde des Fromages
  • For the delicatessen : Les délices d’Antan
  • For poultry : La ferme d’Enjacquet
  • For fish : La Poissonnerie

See you soon

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