The white cheese regiment

Fromages (c) OLEKSANDR SHEVCHENKO shutterstock

Fromages (c) OLEKSANDR SHEVCHENKO shutterstock

Cheeses (c) OLEKSANDR SHEVCHENKO shutterstock

One of my classmates introduced me to this children’s song. I don’t remember why we were singing it, but I’m inclined to tell you, alcohol is bad :p

Lyrics :

A regiment of white cheeses
Declares war on camembert
But the port-salut didn’t want
Because the Roquefort was too strong !
Flat steps make the wounded
Maggots hoist the flag
And my song is over

I’m going to sing it again.

Anyway, I sang it a lot to my children when they were little. Did you know it? I only found this video for those who have never heard it :p.

The bonuses :

Happy Sunday !

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