Women Chefs of Bordeaux

Femme Chef (c) sheff Feshutterstock

Femme Chef (c) sheff Feshutterstock

Female Chief (c) sheff Shutterstock

I wasn’t a feminist before I had a blog, believing in equality with each other, not liking quotas because I thought that people should be recruited primarily for their skills rather than their gender, and never experienced discrimination of that kind.

But, I must admit that this blog made me think about it. Maybe also because it deals with a purely feminine field, namely cooking (and not gastronomy, nuance). I don’t know, but I sometimes feel like I’m undergoing a double punishment: being a blogger AND cooking. You are sometimes taken for a quiche, a pie, not to say a squash.

In short.

I wanted to honor through this post women cooks, chefs, in my good city of Bordeaux . What gave me the idea is the nth participation in a press conference, hosted by men and honoring (male) chefs.

And then I felt like shouting, not Aline (that’s Christophe), but like Patrick Juvet:

where are the women?

So, at

Bordeaux , there are women chefs and I just wanted to list them so that you know they exist. Thanks to Jacques, Manuel, Stéphanie, chef Jésus, José, Rodolphe, Nathalie, Alexandra, Patricia, Marina, Sandrine, and Majdouline for their help.

Ladies, I just wish we didn’t forget you exist and I would love to see you cited or honored more often!

If you know of others, feel free to quote them through the comments, I will add them to the list!


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