Yarra Valley – A terroir of exception

Yarra Valley - Australie

Yarra Valley - Australie

Yarra Valley – Australia

The Yarra Valley is a little piece of paradise located about 1 hour drive from Melbourne . Whether you are alone, in couple or in family you will find your happiness and it is the perfect place for a weekend getaway if you ever come to visit this corner of Australia that is Victoria . In this region with generous lands, which produce both excellent wines and delicious local products, gastronomy is an art of living. And if I tell you that in addition you will see lots of kangaroos roaming freely, I hope to convince you to take a tour.

Among the different experiences to be made, the visit of the Four Pillars distillery is quite exciting. And if you like hipsters, that’s the place to go, I had the impression of landing in Hipsters-land: lots of bearded, tattooed guys with checkered shirts that talk gin!

Do you know what we used to make gin with? I was thinking of something like potatoes (I had never really thought about it, to tell you the truth), but no, gin comes from the distillation of juniper berries.

Four Pillars Gin -Yarra valley Four Pillars Gin -Yarra valley

They sometimes add lemon caviar to it. Too much!

Citrons caviar Lemon caviar

Four Pillars Gin – 2A Old Lilydale Rd, Healesville, Victoria

If gin is not your thing, you can go to the

Punt road Wines estate

. Here they make everything with talent : wines (the Yarra Valley wines are among the best in Australia), beersbeers , ciders (the land is rich, there are plenty of orchards) and there is even a restaurant. The place is full of charm

Cidres - Punt Road - Yarra valley Ciders – Punt Road – Yarra valley

Punt road wines- Yarra Valley – 10 St Huberts Road – Coldstream, Victoria

If you are passionate about wine AND food, a little tour to

Oakridge wines

is a must. The wine is excellent, the location idyllic, the food delicious (except for the chef’s passion for coriander, I hate coriander) and the chef rather cute : p

Oakridge Wines – Yarra Valley

Oakridge Wines - Yarra Valley

Oakridge Wines – 864 Maroondah Highway – Coldstream, Victoria

And then, at sunrise or sunset …

Sunrise – Yarra Valley

Lever de soleil - Yarra Valley

… you’ll see kangaroos.

Kangourous - Yarra Valley Kangaroos – Yarra Valley

… you’ll see kangaroos. You see a lot of them, every time, you find it so exotic, exciting, it’s just wow! For those who love animals, stop on the way back to Healesville Sanctuary

and admire wombats, Tasmanian devils, koalas or platypus.

Wombat – Tasmanian Devil – Platypus

wombat - Diable de Tasmanie - Ornithorynque

It’s so exotic and so crazy. I love Australia!

For more information about the country, please visit www.australia.com.

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