Dhal: Lentils with spices

Dal - lentilles corail au garam masala

The word dhal refers to several legumes of the lentil type found in Indian cuisine. They are also found under the spelling dahl, dal, dall, dhall etc.. We don’t have these legumes in France (normally for this recipe you need chana dal which also looks like split peas) but it works very well with yellow or coral lentils which you can buy in any supermarket.

Lentilles corail et lentilles jaunes Coral Lentils and Yellow Lentils

This really looks like the


recipe that I tasted in Mauritius.
It was Leena I met last week at the Ravenala Hotel in Mauritius who entrusted me with her recipe. Many thanks to her for sharing. I tweaked it a bit (sorry) according to the contents of my cupboard.

Dhal – spicy coral lentils

Dhal - lentilles corail aux épices

For 24 people depending on appetite:

Rinse the lentils with plenty of water.

Peel the garlic clove and a small piece of ginger. Squeeze one and grate the other to obtain 1 teaspoon of each. Peel the onion and chop it. Wash and dry the thyme. Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds before coarsely dicing them.

Avant d'ajouter les épices et l'eau

Simmer for a dozen minutes. Then either leave it as it is for a dahl consistency, you mix roughly in the food processor. Salt, add the fresh coriander and enjoy!

Leena’s tip: This dhal can be served in 2 consistencies:

    Either a thick version. In this case count 1 volume of lentils for 3 volume of water.

  • Or a more soupy version: In this case count 1 volume of lentils for 4 volume of water.

Really super good!

Dal - lentilles corail au garam masala

Dal – coral lentils with garam masala

Variations :

  • I may risk excommunication but for a more oriental version or if you don’t have garam masala in the cupboards, I will recommend replacing it with ras el hanout (the mix for couscous) or special tagine spices.
  • For a slightly thicker consistency, feel free to add a potato. In this case peel it, wash it, cut it into cubes and add it to the water at the same time as the lentils.

A bonus: a photo of Mauritius.

Plage - Ravenala - Ile Maurice

Beach – Ravenala – Mauritius

Bon appétit!

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