Anyone who knows me knows I like anything Japanese. Living in SEA, I’m lucky enough to find Japanese items in the supermarket! Like those sweets and melon juice.
The name for this picture is a mixture of the items name and a reference to one of my favourite bands, CocoRosie.

Also, I’ve been tagged by the wonderful Lonyl, so here are my answers!

5 things that makes you happy:
– Living in ASIA! ๐Ÿ˜€
– Husband
– Working on a project (poem, video, chapbook…)
– Storms!
– Music

4 favourite foods:
– Strawberries
– Fish (boiled, fried, barbecued, sushied…)
– Khmer Fried Rice
– Smoked salmon (which is also a type of fish, but there is a difference to me! :p)

3 favourite movies:
– The Nightmare Before Christmas
– Last Life In the Universe
– Old B&W films (Chaplin, Keaton…)

2 places you would love to visit:
– Japan (even live there, not just visit :p)
– Scandinavia

1 of your favourite memories:
Nothing specific… Can’t think of anything! I may have to add an answer later…
[EDIT] Moving out here was an experience. Lots of hardships, but it was worth it. I appreciate it a lot more than if it had happened earlier. A few years do make a difference.

I tag whoever fancies participating.

Posted by Janeczka Dabrowski on 2011-05-08 13:21:24

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