Original, traditional, easy or cheap Christmas meal

Table de Noël

Table de Noël

Christmas Table

Internet Friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and panic sets in. This year it is you who are hosting and you are racking your brains to find an original Christmas menu (type 1), traditional (type 2), easy

(type 3), cheap

 It goes without saying that it is excellent otherwise I will not propose it to you.  If you are more “meat” and that you are not enough numerous to launch out in the turkey or the capon, try the ostrich steak, it is excellent and that changes. For those of you who don’t know it looks like something between beef (tournedos) and duck (magret). For dessert, it’s not too much my thing, I prefer to buy it but why not a banana chocolate caramel trifle with peanut chips ?


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