Restaurant Hutong Bordeaux

Hutong - Restaurant Singapourien

Hutong - Restaurant Singapourien

Hutong – Singaporean Restaurant

It is Aurélien Crosato, the former chef of the Soléna who took me to lunch at Hutong . Jason Ang and

Boris Geoffroy

, the 2 cooks of the place have indeed worked at his place. I knew that where Aurélien would take me would be good, but there friends of the internet is top top top top.

Singaporean cuisine

, I’ve already told you about it here (Foodies, 12 gourmet experiences to live in Singapore) is very interesting because full of influences: Malaysian of course but also Chinese, Indian and Indonesian. And at Hutong, it’s a really authentic cuisine that awaits you. I was conquered by the quality of the dishes served. Only fresh, homemade products (even curry paste) with an incredible explosion of flavors in the mouth. You can find the scent of lemongrass, laksa leaves, pandan leaves etc.
Among the emblematic dishes, let’s quote the

chicken rice

Chicken Rice (rice and chicken but to fall on the floor so good) – 12 €

Chicken Rice


pork char siu

Porc Char Siu – 10 €

Pork Char Siu

Gâteau Panda Kaya

Jason Ang

Jason Ang

Hutong Restaurant

– 137, rue du Tondu in Bordeaux. (the restaurant has moved, it used to be 1 place du Général Sarrail) Phone : 09 87 74 45 86
Open from Tuesday to Friday (noon: 12:15 – 14:30) and Friday and Saturday evening (19:30 – 22:00).
On the internet :

Enjoy !

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