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Le Meilleur de Mercotte

It is thanks to her blog, La cuisine de Mercotte, that she first shared her enthusiasm in 2005 before continuing through culinary columns on France Bleu Pays de Savoie and of course on television. I won’t tell you anything new by saying that she is one of the members of the very friendly trio of the program Le Meilleur Pâtissier, composed of Faustine Bollaert and Cyrille Lignac.

Mercotte is above all my friend 🙂 She made me love cheese (yes, no relation, I know), took me several times to follow pastry courses at the Ecole du Chocolat Valrhona and made me discover another world, that of the great pastry chefs, these men and women of unparalleled precision who sublimate the


Le Meilleur de Mercotte , the


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, the chocolate , the


Mercotte puts this excellence within our reach by translating professional terms into something understandable for everyone. This is what she does again in this book, a best of those published by Editions Altal, le Meilleur de Mercotte . Here no old recipes from another age but modern realizations, tips, basic recipes and tricks.  You will thus find :

L’atelier de Mercotte with recipes for sauces, creams and basic pastes, tips and tricks to make successful cakes, buns, ganaches, meringues ….

First courses and main courses

s (yes yes, Mercotte doesn’t only eat sweet things, she’s not a unicorn in real life #scoop) with a retro planning to cook without stress recipes amaze mother-in-law.

  • s (yes yes, Mercotte doesn’t just eat sweet, she’s not a unicorn in real life #scoop) with a retro schedule for stress-free cooking of recipes that amaze mother-in-law.

  • Desserts on the plate and entremets
    or how to succeed in baking like a pro with a hint of organization and rigor.
  • Cakes for the snack (remind me of being a little mouse at Mercotte in another life) with here financiers, buns and variation around the cake of Savoy
  • Sweets and confectionery . Ahhh Mercotte’s apricot-passion fruit pastes, they are so good, they are to die for! You put 2 boxes of them for me please.
  • And finally a special book of
  • macaroons since it’s a bit like Mercotte’s touch.

In short, don’t hesitate to fall in love with this book which reflects Mercotte’s personality and I can only echo the words of Pierre HermĂ© who signs the preface.

Mercotte has this simple but respectful way of approaching things with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Always. All you have to do is watch her learn from her peers, be curious and attentive, listen to her or even read to understand what drives her. Because she loves cooking so much, she knows how to make people love it. Isn’t that the best of reasons?

Mercotte, I love you

Le Meilleur de Mercotte – Editions Altal – €20

A nice idea for a Christmas present.

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