To blog is to surpass oneself

Anne - Costa Rica

Teleri river - Costa Rica

Teleri river – Costa Rica

But hey.

Often, when I’m asked what qualities are required to make a successful blog, I answer that you have to know how to get out of your comfort zone and adapt .

Getting out of your comfort zone means adopting new things, taking risks, never being satisfied with what you have. And to adapt is of course to cope with new situations and, as in Rome, to do as the Romans did. I try to do what I can in these two areas even if it is sometimes tiring or confusing.

The blog also leads to surpassing oneself.

Indeed, when I’m invited, I don’t feel at all able to say that I don’t like it (the shark pouting? If I’m going to taste it), that I’m terrified (climbing the Sydney harbour bridge), that I’m not comfortable (riding a camel), that I’m a bit afraid of cows etc. I try to adapt and do my best.

It was the case yesterday for example where I clearly surpassed myself to live an unforgettable day with the BriBri Indians. Located in the southern part of Costa Rica , on the border with Panama, they try to preserve their culture by living from fair and ecological tourism. I will tell you more about them in a few days. But to go to meet them it was a little rendezvous in unknown land.聽From our starting point, it took us 2 hours of road and 1 hour of track to reach the meeting place. 聽And there boarding in a pirogue with my guide to go up the river in the middle of the jungle. Needless to say that I was not leading a lot. Spiders, snakes, I imagined an incredible number of bugs ready to throw themselves on me at the slightest glance. Add to this the uncertain weather (a few kilometers from the equator the rains are tropical and stormy) and the cries of howler monkeys and other unknown animals and you arrive at a stress level 8 out of 10 馃槈


After an hour by boat, arrival on site (a small beach on the riverside). There, I met Prudencio, my guide Bribri who took me trekking in the jungle, see the plants (cocoa trees, coffee trees, medicinal herbs or even roucou – achiote in Spanish in the text).


Cocoa Trees

Fascinating but exhausting. Imagine a temperature above 35掳C, 90% humidity, mud everywhere.

Anne - Costa Rica

Anne – Costa Rica


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