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Dr Smood - Choisissez votre humeur

AlexanderPlatz - Berlin

AlexanderPlatz – Berlin

At the beginning of the week I went to Berlin at the IFA, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fairs. At the Panasonic booth, I was able to attend a presentation of the latest

food trends. 

Nourriture pour astronautes (c)

What will we eat tomorrow, that is the question! 

I can reassure you right away.

This will not look like a preparation for astronauts

but normal food.

Pineapple Chicken Salad (si si) – Mushroom Soup, Granola and Vegetable Quiche (yerk)

Yes, when you see this picture, only one word comes to mind:


On the other hand, a presentation gave me a bit of a chill. Imagine tomorrow having an electronic tool that monitors your health, tells you what to eat and places the order directly via the internet (hop hop, cucumber and Jerusalem artichokes, the sausage and chocolate cake you forgot this week) or takes away your lunch between girlfriends and replaces it with 30 minutes of running.  Positive or negative interference, it’s up to you.

No, but is science fiction your thing?

Couverture Time Février 2015 Not so much! 

healthy (understanding health) and what is called super food, those foods that boost our metabolism (turmeric, tofu, goji berries etc.). And while scientists continue to examine the relationship between diet and wellness, we as consumers are taking a more attentive approach to food.

What will interest us in the future, friends of the global internet:

1 – New sensory approaches

Designers are currently creating synesthetic visuals (synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon by which two or more senses are associated) that will stimulate our senses of smell and taste. This already exists, for example, in the Fragrance Bar at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin.

We experimented by tasting a fig ice cream while being sprayed with an extract of fig leaves. The idea was to put the gourmet in a special atmosphere, as if he were under a fig tree.  I must admit I didn’t find it very convincing.

Autour de la figue Around the fig

2 – An interest in ancient foods.

Our ancestral eating habits are re adopted as a source of health and well-being. The ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional Indian medicine, find an echo in Western diets. The Leeds Juicery for example offers in the United Kingdom, drinks with ingredients approved by Ayurveda such as the pink salt of the Himalayas supposed to bring goodness to your soul


Graines de berce séchées (c) Skyazz Pinterest

Dried Hogweed Seeds (c) Skyazz Pinterest

We tasted a drink made from turmeric root and orange juice infused with an ancient seed, Hogweed. Edible but not great either.

3 – Food that’s good for the soul

At Serotonin Eatery in Melbourne, for example, you can enjoy dishes that promote the release of serotonin (sometimes called the happiness hormone). If you look on their Instagram account, it looks like normal food 😉 And at Dr Smood in Miami, you can enjoy a holistic menu built around 6 colors to stimulate mood and that will promote either immunity, energy, health, beauty, detox, or vitality.

Dr Smood - Choisissez votre humeur Dr Smood – Choose your mood

There our two cooks on the Panasonic booth offered us a hazelnut dough sprinkled with smoked salt, spread on a delicious sourdough bread and decorated with peas. I don’t know what kind of mood it was supposed to put us in, but it was super good.

4 – Food that is good for our brain cells.

Consumers are also looking for foods that stimulate their brain, as well as their moods. Moon Juice powders added to beverages promise to boost libido, improve athletic performance and reduce illness and stress. That’s all there is to it!

As for their

adaptogenic moon shake package, it includes ingredients that nourish brain tissue . I wonder if products with such claims can be sold in France.

Adaptogenic Moon Shake Package

Adaptogenic Moon Shake Package

The nootropics (click for definition) that stimulate our mind will find a place in our shelves. One of the best known, as old as the world, is the


. Discover Four Sigma’s Mushroom Coffee that boosts brain activity or the chewable coffee cubes from Nootrobox that increase alertness.

Mushroom Coffee and Go Cubes

Mushroom Coffee et Go Cubes

To illustrate this trend, we tasted a fillet of sea trout, accompanied by elderberry, lemon verbena and watercress juice. Excellent. The juices are all made at the juice extractor.  With Quentin, we said to ourselves that we were going to start speaking German fluently after that, but nay!

5 – Healthy drinking

Consumers are looking for new ways to have a good time without putting alcohol aside. This is called healthy hedonism ^-^. For example, Café Tanya in London offers super food cocktails made from a mixture of cold-pressed raw ingredients and organic alcohol. Since people are going to drink, it is important to do it in the healthiest (or least bad) way possible

To compensate for the alcohol content of the cocktails, it is essential to add vitamin-rich ingredients. At Tonic & Remedy, located in the Montcalm Hotel in London, herbs and herbal liqueurs are used in cocktails to revitalize and rejuvenate drinkers.

Cocktail - Tonic and Remedy

Cocktail – Tonic and Remedy

As for First (Thirst) Aid Box’s cocktails, they also follow the health trend by including elements such as quinoa and orange honey.

These are friends of the internet, I’ll be curious to know what you think of all this.  I thank Panasonic for this really exciting (and sometimes confusing) conference.

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