What to eat with a sweet wine?

Sweet Bordeaux

Sweet Bordeaux

Sweet Bordeaux

Last week I attended a culinary workshop organized by the

Sweet Bordeaux (i.e. the local sweet wines) led by Aurélien Crosato, the former chef of the Solena.

The question of the day :  What can you eat with a Sauternes, a Cadillac, a Sainte Croix du Mont, a Loupiac, etc? 

If you do as Pépé Antoine and mémé Marie did, you serve Sauternes with foie gras. Well let me tell you that it’s the fashion


Well …. The foie gras …… c’est gras . The sweet ….. it’s sweet ^-^ In short, fat + sweet, it’s a bit like making Nutella Coca….  Pfiou just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

Whereas if you try as Aurélien suggested :

  • With a fresh salad of fennel and orange, it does it.

  • With a blue cheese (classic), an old Comté cheese or a Mimolette out of age, it’s to fall on the floor.
    Otherwise as an aperitif, it’s very good too, better than with dessert where it kills a bit. #SiesteObligatory. Internet friends, get these wines out of the cellar, they’re worth it! (with moderation of course)
  • Tchin !
Que manger avec des liquoreux

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