10 good reasons to discover Slovenia

Ile - Lac Bled - Slovénie

Les couleurs d'automne en Slovénie

Autumn colors in Slovenia

Friends of Interns I just came back from Slovenia.

Yes, I know, my life is hectic:p

I admit that before I received an invitation to discover this small country, its wines, its gastronomy, I didn’t know where it was located exactly.


If you too are not a specialist in the geography of Central Europe, you should know that it borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, bordering the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Alps on the other. I liked this destination very natural, very quiet, perfect to recharge your batteries and offers you 10 good reasons to go there:

1 – You will be able to taste it the Potica

It is THE typical Slovenian cake. Traditionally filled with walnuts, it also exists in a more surprising but equally delicious version with tarragon. I’m looking for a great recipe to try it. You need a Potica mold but a Kouglof or brioche mold should do very well, I’ll keep you posted.

Potica (c) Visionsi shutterstock

Potica (c) Visionsi shutterstock

2You will seetransparent river water of emerald green color. #noFilter

Rivière Soca - Slovénie - shutterstock

Soca River – Slovenia – shutterstock

It’s just crazy crazy crazy. For my water sports lovers like kayaking, canyoning is paradise.

3 – You will enjoy with the Kremsnita the cream cake, a specialty of the city of Bled.

Cream Cake - Bled, Slovénie

Cream Cake – Bled, Slovenia

I am not a very sweet tooth but I enjoyed this delicious cake, created more than 60 years ago by Ištvan Lukačevič, the former pastry chef of the Hotel Park. It is made of puff pastry, whipped cream and what I think is a crème mousseline (custard + butter) or a crème Madame (custard + whipped cream). In short, it’s fine, it’s very fine and it can be eaten without hunger 🙂 Enjoyed on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Toplice, it’s just a little magic moment.

4 – If you make efforts (583 steps anyway #OhMyGod), you will only have to be ecstatic.

Cascade Bohinj

Bohinj Waterfall

There was still some fog that morning, but it added a little bit of mystery to this beautiful waterfall located in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

5 – You can try to decorate local gingerbread, the gingerbread.

For more information on this delicious, timeless place, a site: www.lectar.com

6 – You will be amazed by the scenic beauty

Paysage Slovène

Slovenian Landscape

Vignes Slovénie

Goriška brda – Slovenia

Petite église, Slovénie

Small church, Slovenia

7 – You will be welcomed with bread, salt and a glass of Schnaps to share friendship.

I was not at all familiar with this tradition, which is also found in Germany and some Scandinavian countries. The bread is cut into pieces that are tapped in salt (like in a dip) and eaten. To bring it all down, a small glass of schnapps. A story of men what 🙂

Offrir du pain et du sel

Offer bread and salt

8 – You will taste the many wines premises.

Dégustation - Movia - Slovénie

Tasting – Movia – Slovenia

I had a little crush on a dessert wine from MoviaThe Esença Merlot has a strong blackcurrant flavor, which should be just topissimo with chocolate. If you come across it on your way, try it!

9 – You will go glamp.

– glamp?

Yes! Glamping is camping but glamorous trend. And I must admit that these little wooden houses with adjacent baths are quite romantic.

Glamping en Slovénie

Glamping in Slovenia

10 – You’ll be in for a real treat at the lake Bled.

It’s just a wonder. I advise you to visit the castle, to go by boat to the only Slovenian island and to immortalize all this with dozens of photographs. I have selected 4 of them but I could have put much more for you because it is so beautiful.

Lac, Bled - Slovénie

Lake, Bled – Slovenia

Ile - Lac Bled - Slovénie

Island – Lake Bled – Slovenia

Vue sur le lac Bled

View on the lake Bled

Barque sur le lac Bled, Slovénie

Boat on Lake Bled, Slovenia

In a future post, I will give you some good addresses that I liked!


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