12 gourmet experiences to live in Antwerp

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Anvers (c) Pincasso shutterstock

Antwerp (c) Pincasso shutterstock

Before I had a blog, I had never been to the north (understand everything north of Paris). It must be said that for my husband, the north is the north of the Adour.

You see the picture?

And then I discovered the Belgium and the Flanders and I liked it very much. There are sensational cities like Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, or Antwerp. And side food it’s always very interesting too. Belgians are greedy and gourmet and they have a lot of nice places to discover. So I propose you here 12 gourmet experiencesThis is a must if you come to Antwerp.

1 – As we are in Belgium, we are nibbling chocolates.


=> Those from Dominique Persoone are too good. This super talented and somewhat megalomaniacal chocolate maker from Bruges has opened a store in Antwerp. You absolutely have to taste his milk chocolate filled with almond praline, crispy smoked bacon and quinoa and his white chocolate ganache with raspberry and yuzu caramel. It rocks!

Chocolats bacon et yuzu - Dominique Persoone

Bacon and yuzu chocolates – Dominique Persoone

The Chocolate Line – Paleis op de Meir 50 – Antwerp

=Other address, Chocolate Del Rey. You won’t go wrong at this store either.

Lapin de Pâques - DelREy Anvers

Easter Bunny – DelREy Antwerp

DelRey – Appelmansstraat 5, Antwerp

2 – Eating kibbelings at Zeevishandel De Eendracht

The kibbeling(s) are bites breaded fish, fried. They are made all day long in this fish shop in the city center. For a few euros, you can enjoy a tray, served with a béarnaise sauce. Too good!

Kibbelings - Croquettes de poisson fritKibbelings - Croquettes de poisson frit

Kibbelings – Fried fish croquettes

Zeevishandel De Eendracht – Hoogstraat 53, 2000 Antwerp

3 – We feast with hands from Antwerp 

Little Dutch lesson: Antwerp in French is called Antwerpen in Dutch. And Antwerpen would mean “to throw the hand” (“hand werpen”). I’m very fluent in Dutch, I won’t even tell you.

In a nutshell.

Legend has it that the giant Druon Antigoon charged a large toll to all sailors who wanted to sail up the course of the Scheldt River that runs through Antwerp. And when there were some who were not happy and refused to pay, he would cut off their hands before throwing them into the river. Paf the Giraffe! People didn’t laugh at all.

Anyway, as a tribute to this legend, you can treat yourself with small hand-shaped shortbreads. The ones from Philip’s Biscuit are delicious. Otherwise you can also find chocolate ones at Burie’s.

Mains d'Anvers (c) Visit Flanders CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Antwerp Hands (c) Visit Flanders CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Philip’s Biscuit – Korte Gasthuisstraat 11, Antwerp
Hans Burie – Korte Gasthuisstraat 3, Antwerp

4 – Let’s taste one of the best cheesecakes in the world at KleinBlatt

Cheesecake de chez KleinBlatt - Anvers

Cheesecake from KleinBlatt – Antwerp

KleinBlatt – Provinciestraat 206, Antwerp.

5 – We buy fries !

Because French fries are life 🙂 And you can buy them at Haute Frituur, recommended by our special foodies guide Luc Hoornaert. I think you can trust a Belgian for the fries, otherwise you can’t believe in anything anymore 🙂

Haute Frituur

Haute Frituur

Haute Frituur – Kloosterstraat 110, Antwerp

6 – If the French fries are not enough for you, try the mussel fries.

Moules Frites (c) Maritime

Mussels Fries (c) Maritime

And we try them out at the Maritime restaurant, an Antwerp institution that has been treating the locals for more than half a century.

Maritime Restaurant – Suikerrui 4, Antwerp

7 – If after all this you are still hungry, treat yourself with the pastilla of El Ouariachi.

You will see them at the Antwerp bird market. You can’t miss them, there is a very long queue at peak hours. I just managed to make a picture of the too beautiful Moroccan breads.

Pains orientaux - Marché aux oiseaux

Oriental breads – Bird market

El Ouariachi – Bird market (Vogelenmarkt) – Oudevaartplaats, Theaterplein and surroundings, Antwerp

8 – For the waffles, let yourself be seduced by Désiré de Lille. 

Désiré De Lille Anvers

Désiré De Lille Anvers

Born in 1885 in Lille, Désiré is the creator of the lacquemant, a fine wafer, made from wheat, cut in half on its thickness, filled and topped with candy sugar syrup perfumed with orange blossom. I couldn’t taste it but I hear it’s a massacre. In any case lacquemant or waffle, it’s at Désiré’s that you have to taste.

Desire of Lille, Schrijnwerkersstraat 16, Antwerp.

9 – For a little coffee when you have a sore foot (#VisMaVie), go to Broer Bretel

Broer Bretel

Broer Bretel

Cited as one of the 10 best coffee bars in Antwerp, it has the preference of our guide, Luc.

Broer Bretel – Nassaustraat 7, Antwerp

10 – To digest, go and taste peket (including juniper liqueur) and Antwerp liqueur at Vagant.

De Vagant - Anvers

De Vagant – Antwerp

Thanks to Philou, I had already tasted Peket but without knowing that it was the Belgian name of the juniper liqueur. I was the Mister Jourdain of jenever, I had drunk some without knowing it. This establishment is really worth the detour: vintage atmosphere and wooden counter. It has a small anachronistic side. The owner willingly shares his explanations and I admit that I really liked the Elixir d’Anvers.

From Vagant – Reyndersstraat 25, Antwerp

To conclude, 2 restaurants :

11 – A trip to the Orient with DIVIN by Sepi

A real favorite for this gastro bar from Sepideh SedaghatniaThe young Iranian woman elected in 2014 Sommelier of the Year (Zilte **). Sepi takes us for a a taste journey mixing East and West with products such as pomegranate, olive oil, pistachio, lentils, quails, saffron, rice, etc… Everything was perfect and absolutely succulent. I really recommend his “fingerfood” menu. On the wine side, great discoveries.

Divin by Sepi

Divin by Sepi

Divin by Sepi
Verschansingstraat 5-7
BE-2000 Antwerp

12 – Restaurant Graanmarkt 13

Seppe Nobbelsthe chef of Graanmarkt offers a creative cuisine where the vegetables and the herbs are not considered as a simple accompaniment. A lot of attention is paid to it for an amazing result and full of flavor. I remember very well what I ate there which is for me a very good sign 😉

I liked the concept where we share the dishes, the trendy atmosphere but not too much. Note that Graanmarkt is a multiple place including the restaurant, a trendy store and a sumptuous apartment for rent.



If you are passing through Antwerp, don’t miss this address.

Restaurant Graanmarkt 13 – Antwerp

Have a nice stay and special kisses to my traveling friends Shalima, Lilou, Clémentine, Justine, Denis, Gérard and Sébastien,

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