A weekend in Lisbon and several Evasion guides to be won

Tramway Lisbonne (c) Caracarafoto shutterstock

Friends of the Internet,

As you know, I have the chance to travel a lot thanks to my blog. And today, I’m super happy to be the one who offers this time. 🙂 Hachette has indeed offered me to make you win 10 Evasion guides and a great weekend in Lisbon!

Hiiiiiiiii! Too good!

But let’s start at the beginning.

A few words about the destination : 

Lisbonne (c) Rob van Esch shutterstock

Lisbon (c) Rob van Esch shutterstock

Unless you live in a cave you know that the Portugal in general and Lisbon in particular has been a very popular destination in recent years. It must be said that it is safe, authentic, not very expensive, in short it has many assets.

I don’t know Lisbon very well, having only been there for a weekend for a Vinocamp, but I still liked it very much, whether it was the beauty of the city, the kindness of the people or the excellent food. It was just my calves that hadn’t always appreciated it.

Damn, it’s going up in places!

However, I had had time to make THE very picturesque streetcar ride, the one that allows to discover the old city, to taste the fantastic pasteis of Belém, to rave in front of the Hieronymites monastery and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos.

Un goûter à Lisbonne (c) Filipe B. Varela shutterstock

A snack in Lisbon (c) Filipe B. Varela shutterstock

That’s not bad enough, you might say, but for me it was just a foretaste. I told myself that it was a destination I wanted to go back to, especially since we have a direct flight from Bordeaux. It remains in the corner of my head.

A few words about these guides: 

Guides Evasion

Escape Guides

Their strong point is to meet the needs of independent travellersThose who take a dry flight and then compose their own circuits. You have a first part which allows you to prepare the stay, a second part dedicated to the visits which gives the maximum of information and whose idea is to suggest, to propose. You then choose according to your desires of the moment, your interests…

The publisher has tried throughout the work around this new formula, to keep in mind, the fact that it is a vacation! We travel here a little in this way: a visit in the morning, we settle down at noon at a nice terrace or we nibble a local speciality, we bubble in the afternoon or we try a sport, or we take a cooking class, we make a hike, a bike ride… In short, a pleasure vacation which combines culture, good addresses, idleness and activities.

The guides have been written by a team of local authors and experts, in order to mix up different views on the same destination.

The contest : 

Anyway, if I tell you about it today, it is because I have to make you win …………

  • a weekend 3 days 2 nights for Lisbon for 2 people (flights and accommodation in a 3-star hotel) from : Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille or Nantes, with a value between 350 and 700 euros. The trip must be used before March 31, 2016.
  • 10 guides, to choose among the following destinations (within the limit of available stocks): Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Marrakech, New York, Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and surroundings), Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Western US National Parks and Reunion Island, worth between 9.90 and 18 euros

Too much too good, right?

How to Participate :  I ask you what is the number of the tramway line that allows you to visit the old town. The answer is on the blog 🙂 Just note it in the comments of this article (I repeat in the comments, the participations by email or on social networks are NOT taken into account) by leaving me a valid email. The first one drawn will win the trip, the next 10 will each get an Evasion guide.

Tramway Lisbonne (c) Caracarafoto shutterstock

Lisbon tramway (c) Caracarafoto shutterstock

Deadline for participation: Friday, September 11 at midnight – Only one possible answer by email.

Good luck!


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