And with that, what do we drink?

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Et avec cela qu'est ce qu'on boit - Olivier Bompas

And with that what do we drink – Olivier Bompas

The food and wine pairing, I still find it looks good on paper but in real life …. Humph, I’m a medium believer. I think we drink more of what we have at home than this or that. wine chosen especially for this or that dish.

Yet it is true that when you have tasted a successful chord, you find it sublime. For my part, I understood something one day when I tasted a dessert by Cédric Béchade served with a Château Guiraud. It was just incredible.

In short, even if, as I told you earlier, I am not always convinced, I sometimes try to make an extra effort beyond the simple white wine vs. red wine or Bordeaux vs. Burgundy.  That’s why I was interested in this book. In addition it goes a little out of the usual framework and dust the genre. It’s pragmatic, it makes you want to get into it.

Accords mets vins ©Bon Appetit shutterstock

Food and wine pairing ©Bon Appetit shutterstock

The author, Olivier BompasThe “Sommelier”, a former sommelier and journalist, invites us to explore unusual and/or alternative agreements. Through the 100 favorite dishes and desserts of the French (steak and chips, sushi, beef bourguignon, tiramisu, macaroons, raclette…), he recommends no less than 400 commented food and drink pairings. From alcohols of course (beer, whisky, sake), some wines of course (the classics and the most daring), but also non-alcoholic beverages (tea, coffee, sodas).

An interesting book that I keep in my library. I’m sure I’ll use it.

And with that what do we drink? Olivier Bompas
400 ideas to perfectly match your food and drinks.
Editions : Hachette Pratique – Hachette Vins – 19,95€.

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