Candied pork cheek burger

Burger de joue de porc confite

Burger de joue de porc confite

Candied pork cheek burger

Last day of the month of the tripier products and I haven’t told you about it yet.

Ouch! Time goes by too fast.

Well honestly, there are plenty of tripe products that I don’t like. But there are also a few others that are really worth the effort such as beef cheek, oxtail or even beef tongue (if I assure you). Last year I also discovered candied pork cheek. Damn, this stuff is good! The trick is to find some somewhere, and that’s not easy. As for the people from Bordeaux, Jérôme, head of the Atelier des Chefs, told me that he could find his at Gautier aux Capucins but that it was on order.

In short, with this candied pork cheek, we have made these burgers and it was top top top top.

The recipe for 6 persons :

=for the stuffing made of candied pork cheek

For the rest of the recipe

For dressage

Cut the burger bread in half.

Peel the shallots and chop them finely. In a hot frying pan with olive oil, brown the shallots gently with the fine salt. Once they are translucent, add the honey and the 5 spice mixture and simmer gently for 10 minutes (add more water if necessary).

Remove from the heat and spread the shallot compote on the base of the burger buns.

Finely chop the candied pork cheeks.

Thin out the oyster mushrooms. Crush the garlic clove in the shirt. Finely chop the chives.

In a hot frying pan with butter and garlic, fry the oyster mushrooms for two minutes over high heat and then add salt and chives at the last moment. Crush the oyster mushrooms once cooked and mix them with the crushed pork cheeks.

Préparation pour burger

Preparation for burger

Form balls like mini steaks and place these balls on top of the shallot compote in the burger buns.

For dressing: Preheat the furnace to 200°C (Th.7). Place a slice of fresh goat cheese on the pork cheek steaks and put the burgers in the oven (without the hats) for 3 minutes.

At the exit of the oven, put the arugula on top of the goat cheese and then put the hat on. Close with a toothpick and place in a small round plate.

Burger de joue de porc confites, champignons et fromage de chèvre

Candied pork cheek burger with mushrooms and goat cheese


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