Cookbooks: My selection for the summer

Les 100 plats préférés des français - Un super chef

Looking for freshness, new recipes, cool cookbooks? Here is my summer selection :

The classics …

Les 100 plats préférés des français - Un super chef

The 100 favorite dishes of the French – A super chef

The 100 favorite dishes of the French – Leslie Gogois

I really liked the idea of this book. It’s true that in the land of gastronomy we rarely ask ourselves a question that is nevertheless fundamental: what are the favorite dishes of the French? Are we rather classical or do we like more exotic influences? Do we have a real passion for starchy foods? In short, we will reveal to you which are the 50 salty dishes and the 50 desserts preferred by the French, in ascending order, all of which will be accompanied by numerous anecdotes and figures on the recipes presented and our eating habits.

As I am nice I give you the top trio of each category: Duck breast, fried mussels and couscous royal on one side; Chocolate fondant, pancakes and chocolate mousse on the other.

A book to be used without moderation.

Practical Kitchen Hatchet – €19.95

A great chef in the kitchen – Donal Skenah

The subtitle of the book (the 150 recipes of a handsome guy) made me want to scream a little. But the book is tip-top. Donal, I’ve already told you about him several times, he’s the young Irish cooking prodigy. He offers in this book, as usual, easy, delicious, inventive, healthy recipes with that sexy little twist that changes everything.

Hachette Practical Kitchen: 17,90 €.

Want moreover …. 

Liban - Bretagne

Lebanon – Brittany

Lebanon – The best recipes – Maya Barakat-Nuq

I love this Middle Eastern cuisine. You will find many Lebanese revenue (click) on Papillae and Pupillae. In this book, you will discover the true Lebanese cuisine symbol of conviviality in 80 recipes: from eggplant caviar to sesame cream, from lamb chawarma to stuffed peppers or from zucchini stew to almond shortbread. In short a very nice book to be appreciated without moderation.

Practical Hatchet – Kitchen – 9,95 €.

Brittany, recipes tested at home – Nathalie Beauvais

Nathalie Beauvais and her husband run the restaurant le Jardin gourmand in Lorient. Specialist in Breton cuisine, she already has several books to her credit. In this one, you will learn how to make 80 typical Breton recipes, from kouign amann to Breton cake, including monkfish in the Armorican style and mackerel marinated in white wine.  If you want to know more about this cuisine, this is the book for you.

Practical Hatchet – Kitchen – 9,95 €.

Trends ……

Gâteaux et gourmandises sans sucre - Super Blender - Eaux détox

Sugar free cakes and sweets – Super Blender – Eaux détox

Sugar-free cakes and sweets – Philippe Conticini and Anne Sophie Lévy-Chambon

The French are big consumers of sugar. Unfortunately this excess is the cause of many health problems. It therefore appears necessary to eat more balanced and less sweetened. But it is hard to suppress cakes and pastries. In this book, Philippe Conticini, THE incredible pastry chef that we no longer present takes up the challenge of offering cakes with no added sugar: no stevia, sweetener, agave syrup etc..  Everything comes from fruit and everything is natural.  It’s quite exciting and gourmet.

Good to know : All the ingredients of the recipes can be bought in our usual supermarkets.

Editions First : €14.95

Superblender – Estérelle Payany 

If you own one of these super blenders (like Vitamix) then this book is for you. Estérelle Payany, author of many cookbooks, puts all her knowledge at the service of this tool. On the menu, small dishes to make with this device, homemade vegetable milks, soups, smoothies without forgetting all kinds of desserts (apple butter, pancakes and other cakes, custard and frozen desserts).

Editions La Plage : 9,95 €.

Detox waters – Sonia Lucano

Detox waters are very trendy at the moment. Healthy drinks (understand healthy), rich in vitamins, easy to prepare, they are deliciously fresh.

You will discover in this book 30 recipes of detox water: cucumber-lime, strawberry-kiwi, orange-blueberry, raspberry-blueberry-lime, grapefruit-orange-lemon, apple-pineapple-pastel or pineapple-mint.  Very nice, we want to do everything.

Practical Kitchen Hatchet: 7,99 €.

Good food, good summer!

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