Creamy Mustard and Orange Sauce

Sauce crémeuse à la moutarde et à l

Sauce crémeuse à la moutarde et à l'orange

Creamy Mustard and Orange Sauce

I loved this sauceA kind of creamy cream cheese whipped cream, flavoured with mustard and orange, which turned out to be a little delight with asparagus. Try it and you will be bluffed, category mother-in-law category guaranteed 🙂

For 2 bowls of sauce :

Wash the orange and zest it.

Whip the St Moret to the drummer. Then add the liquid cream to the container containing the whipped cheese and whip it up like a whipped cream. Add the mustard, then the orange zest, while continuing to beat.

And then will you tell me?

And then nothing. It’s all over. Well eventually, if you’re quibbling like me, decorate with a little extra orange zest as a topping. But otherwise nothing at all.

Super good!

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