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voyager - Femme dans un aéroport

voyager - Femme dans un aéroport


I am often asked why I like to travel so much. I think it’s simply because I’ve always buried deep down inside me the certainty that life is short and you have to make the most of it before the moment MThe one where nothing will ever be the same again: Accidents in life, health problems, etc… I don’t want to have regrets and say to myself, I should have done this or that as long as everything was fine.

Add to that the intimate conviction that travel makes you less stupid.. Forgive me for saying it so bluntly, but meeting others, discovering new cultures and civilizations allows us to open our eyes to the world around us, to have a more global vision. There are certainly other means (reading, culture, etc.), but as far as I am concerned, I favor the choice of terrain. I find it more pragmatic, more concrete and moreover I am given the means to leave (as I already told you, I am lucky enough to be regularly invited by tourist offices to discover their destinations).

Bordeaux -> Singapour

Bordeaux -> Singapore

In short, this time it is to Singapore that I visited, accompanied by Celine, Gaelle, Thibault and Alex. For me, Singapore was until then only a stopover city, an almost compulsory stopover to go to Australia or elsewhere (Changi, Singapore airport is one of the busiest in the world). I imagined the city-state very urbanized, skyscrapers as far as the eye could see, a kind of Las Vegas of Asia.

Well not at all.

Singapore is certainly a business district with skyscrapers but it is above all a lot of lush green spaces, traditional districts (Indian, Chinese, Malay) with houses not exceeding two floors and a park, Gardens by the bay which is one of the places that has fascinated me the most in recent years. It’s a great entry point if you’ve never been to Asia and if you don’t feel comfortable with destinations that you think more roots (more difficult).

In Singapore, the standard of living is high, everyone speaks English and the city is safe (there are cameras absolutely everywhere). I imagine that, as for me, this is an important criterion when choosing a vacation spot. Moreover it’s super clean (the fines for throwing garbage on the ground can amount to 1000 dollars or about 700 euros) and the food is tip-top, whether it’s Chinese, Malay, Indian, or a mix of all that.

If you are looking for accommodation I let you look at the usual AirBnb, Trip Advisor or Booking. For our part we were at the Vagabond hotel, really very nice, entirely designed by Jacques Garcia. Well located, charming, warm welcome and good value for money. The breakfast is not transcendent there, take it rather in one of the restaurants of the district.

Ma chambre - Hôtel Vagabond - Singapour

My room – Vagabond Hotel – Singapore

3 practical tips :

  • When you arrive don’t lose the second half of the document filled out on the plane and given to customs. You absolutely need it to leave.
  • The electrical outlets are of English type.
  • You can easily change money or withdraw money from ATMs.

If you go to this corner of the globe, take the opportunity to make a 3-day stopover, you won’t regret it. I propose you in this post the 10 places to visit if you come to Singapore (click).

Singapour - A visiter

Singapore – To visit


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