Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Cuisine

Encyclopédie de la cuisine végétarienne - Estérelle Payany

Encyclopédie de la cuisine végétarienne - Estérelle Payany

Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Cuisine – Estérelle Payany

The books of vegetarian cuisine are taking up more and more space on bookstore shelves. I’m delighted about that. I remember times not so long ago when you had to buy some in England if you had any interest at all in the subject, ours being sad to tears. But those days are fortunately gone. The proof is once again in this Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Cuisine by Estérelle Payany.

You will discover very simple techniques, product boards (vegetables, mushrooms, rice, wheat, cereals, legumes, soybeans, algae, seeds and oilseeds, vegetable fats, sweeteners, fruits and rhizomes), and a hundred or so recipes.

It’s clear, full of illustrations and very educational. Note that each chapter starts with a chef’s recipe (Amandine Chaignot, Edouard Loubet, David Toutain etc.).


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