Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles

12 apôtres

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

I am lucky to have been able to travel a lot in the last few months. A few years ago, when our children had food allergies, we didn’t go out of France. Already here, it wasn’t always easy, so outside of our borders, phew, just thinking about the mess of the meals, I was shivering.

Then, when they were healed, we left, first to Europe, then sometimes a little further away as in the USA, Quebec, or Thailand. A true happiness. And finally, thanks to the blog, I have many opportunities to discover what we eat elsewhere.

In short, all this to tell you thatthere are places in the world where I couldn’t take my eyes off for long minutes, places that make my arms hair stand on end, and that bring tears to my eyes, so beautiful it is. and moving. I am thinking for example of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Bay of Mont St Michel, the Grand Canyon, or the Calanques de Piana in Corsica.

See? The kind of place that blows your mind?

Well the Great Ocean Roadis one of those mythical places, a very select club that you will remember for the rest of your life. This coastal road built after the first world war is absolutely magical.

Located in the State of Victoriaon the southeast coast in Australia between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, it offers magnificent ocean views. It is fascinating. You can stop every 200 meters to enjoy a view that is always different.


Some pictures.

Sur la Great Ocean Road

On the Great Ocean Road

The colors change around a bend.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

At Carisbrook Creek, you must stop to see the many pebble towers erected by visitors. There is something magical about it.

Tours en galets

Pebble towers

Don’t hesitate to build your own.

Carisbrook Creek

Carisbrook Creek

Continue on the road and stop further to dream in front of the breakers. On the other side is Tasmania.

Déferlantes - Great Ocean Road

Breakers – Great Ocean Road

And then conclude the high point of the walk, the 12 Apostles. These limestone towers isolated from the coast by erosion culminate at more than 45 meters above sea level. They are among the most photographed sites in Australia. We were there at sunset and every minute the colors were changing. I have rarely seen anything so beautiful.

Here, seen from the sky

12 apôtres

12 Apostles

And then at sunset

Coucher de soleil sur les 12 apôtres

Sunset on the 12 apostles

The colors are constantly changing.

12 apôtres - Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles – Great Ocean Road


Coucher de soleil - Les 12 apôtres

Sunset – The 12 Apostles

and then

Sunset - Les 12 apôtres

Sunset – The 12 Apostles

Just incredibly beautiful.

If one day you are planning to visit theAustraliaif someone close to you (family or friends) is planning to go away down under as part of the working holiday visas (and God knows there are many young French people there), tell him not to miss this part of Australia, this Great Ocean Road. It is well worth the trip.

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Thanks to Visit Victoria, Visit Melbourne, We Like Travel and Singapore Airlines.

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