How to eat a balanced diet at the office

Manger au bureau (c) Stokkete shutterstock

Manger au bureau (c) Stokkete shutterstock

Eating at the office (c) Stokkete shutterstock

Eating at work? All right, but not just anything, anyhow. By preparing your own lunch, you ensure a tasty, balanced and economical break. You will find below some tips to help you get organized.

The lunch break in 3 figures :

  • 22 minutes: that’s the average length of this break today, compared to 1h38 twenty years ago!
  • 35% of employees prepare their lunch to be eaten at their workplace.
  • 12% of employees admit to eating… while keeping an eye on their computer.

The keys to a balanced breakfast : 

The lunch break should theoretically cover 30-40% of the day’s total energy intake (compared to 20-30% for breakfast and 30% for dinner).

Theoretically! It is up to each person, of course, to try to balance his or her intake according to the meals.

Know how to interpret the classics: 

These three sure values to take away are just waiting to fill you up. Here are some tips to prepare them and combine them well.

Prepare it by privileging the raw vegetables which “travel” best: cabbages (red and white), disgorged cucumber, deseeded tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, radishes, endives, carrots…

The sauce? Alternate vinaigrette, cottage cheese sauce, virgin olive oil, rapeseed oil… Ideally, only season at lunchtime, otherwise your salad – when the time comes – will float in an excess of liquid.

Salade au bureau (c) Nataliya Arzamasova shutterstock

Salad at the office (c) Nataliya Arzamasova shutterstock

Mini jam jars and mini bottles are ideal for sauces and dressings to travel. However, some salads can be seasoned in advance such as coleslaw (minced white cabbage, grated carrots and cottage cheese sauce) or fennel salad with salmon (minced fennel, strips of smoked salmon, Greek yogurt sauce with lemon and dill sprigs).

Yes to potato, pasta or rice salad, but generously garnished with fresh raw and/or cooked vegetables. Complete your meal-salad with a piece of cheese (or yogurt), wholemeal bread and fresh fruit.

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It’s the trend: ham and butter is now stealing the limelight with preparations that give pride of place to vegetables. The trend is now to use tasty combinations: candied bell pepper or grilled eggplant and chicken, lamb’s lettuce-apple-roquefort-nut, avocado-coriander-tomato-onion, salad-celeriac-Auvergne blue-walnut…

Vary the pleasures by alternating breads: wholemeal, cereal, fougasse, dried fruit, polar…

Replace mayonnaise or butter with mustard or 0% cream cheese spread. Balance the meal by adding a salad, dairy product and chewable fruit.

Sandwich (c) Kartouchken shutterstock

Sandwich (c) Kartouchken shutterstock

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It is easily prepared the day before, using seasonal vegetables. You can also mix with a little water the vegetables left over from a dish such as a stew, a small salted lentil, a Basque chicken… Complete with a homemade sandwich, dairy product and fruit cut into pieces.

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It’s in the box

What does the bottle matter? Not so sure! When it comes to breakfast on the go, don’t hesitate to rely on containers and accessories that are reliable and practical to carry. Why not be inspired by camping!

=> The airtight box. Preferably made of glass if you need to heat the contents in the microwave.

=> Bento. A must-have in Japan, this pretty club is attracting more and more fans of chic and good lunches. Clever, this container is generally compartmentalized. It allows you to arrange food families harmoniously – around a starchy base such as rice or potatoes – alternating textures and colors, with seasonal vegetables and fruits in mind. Don’t they say that when it’s beautiful, it’s good? By clicking here, you will discover all my articles on bentos.

Bento (c) Quang Mau Thanh shutterstock

Bento (c) Quang Mau Thanh shutterstock

=> The insulated bottle. It protects and keeps the fruit or vegetable juice prepared in the morning cool, it keeps the soup warm before leaving the house .

Give yourself a real break

Eating a balanced diet is one thing, but the benefits of your lunch also depend on the conditions of the meal: the time and attention you devote to it, your environment and the atmosphere it creates.

  • Disconnect computer, e-mail and if possible telephone in order to concentrate on what you eat: tastes, textures… A lunch taken in front of the computer will give you the impression of missing a real break. Beware of snacking in the afternoon…
  • Share This moment with colleagues with whom you get along well. Ideal to relax… as long as you don’t talk (too much) about work!
  • Count Twenty minutes minimum to recharge your batteries and fill up with energy for the rest of the day.


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