I would like to


I don’t often make a personal ticket, I’m a rather discreet girl. That must be why Snapchat and I are a bit difficult :p But today I wanted to write one. Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll be back in the kitchen 🙂

J'aimerais (c) Klahan shutterstock

I would like (c) Klahan shutterstock

I would like the children are not already leaving home.

I would like to go on a trip in theAmerican West.

I wish things would never wear out.

I would like to spend 6 months in Australia.

I would like there to be a universal charger for all electronic equipment (computer, telephone, camera, kindle etc.)

I would like to lose 15 kg.

I would like to have a agent who takes care of my business.

I would like to discover theSouth America (Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso)

I would like to buy clothes with a personal shopper (in A in H toussa).

I would like to learn Spanish.

J'aimerais (c) Lidiya Oleandra shutterstock

I would like (c) Lidiya Oleandra shutterstock

I wish the internet was slower sometimes.

I wish gum didn’t exist.

I would like 1 day of intensive training to tame my Canon 6D.

I would like to go to Vietnam and the Cambodia.

I wish the garbage cans would empty themselves. That the cat’s crate also.

I wish I had never read Harry Potter to be able to discover it and marvel again.

I would like to return to New York City. Again. And again.

I wish the people I love would never die..

I wish my fridge would fill up by itself sometimes.

I wish it wasn’t always in Paris.

J'aimerais (c) khak shutterstock

I would like (c) khak shutterstock

I wish people would stop eating in movie theaters.

I would like the work to count more than the personal branling.

I would like the television to work with only one remote control.

I would like to see the pyramids d’Egypt, Petra and Iguazú Falls.

I would like there to be more benevolence.

I wish most of the food industry would stop selling us crap.

I wish time would stop when everything is going well.

I would like to be paid on time and not run after my bills are paid.

I would like to have an Air France Flying blue Gold card to avoid waiting for my Paris Province correspondence in Hall 2F.

I wish my thyme wouldn’t start to spoil as soon as I bring it home from the store.

J'aimerais (c) Robert Kneschke shutterstock

I would like to (c) Robert Kneschke shutterstock

I would like to be an entrepreneur at heart

I would like Janet Evanovich write faster to laugh again and again about Stéphanie Plum’s adventures.

I would like that as the bread gets older it doesn’t become hard and the cakes soft.

I would like people to mute their smartphones (especially the sound of the keyboard keys).

I would like to be pampered one week in a spa with lots of massages.

I would like to see women in the workplace truly equal to men.

I wish I had time.

I would like to learn how to do my makeup with a pro.

I would like to meet Jamie Oliver.

I would like roaming to be always free in my phone plan.

And you, what would you like?


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