Ideas of accompaniment for our festive dishes

Fruits d hiver (c) Sokorevaphoto shutterstock

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They are the tasty allies of our festive menus. According to our desires, fresh fruits and vegetables play the greedy card or lighter to allow us to balance our diet.

The 5 keys to a light and gourmet festive menu: 

  1. Before receiving your guests, and to avoid rushing on the aperitif and its temptations, treat yourself to a snack one to two hours before waking up again: fresh fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese, a slice of wholemeal bread.
  2. Put a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the meal, and especially from the aperitif. They allow you to be satiated quickly.
  3. Take care of the presentation: a drop of fresh herbs, vegetable tagliatelle, contrasting colors… The pleasure starts with the eyes! (Papillae and pupils :p )
  4. Vary the cooking modes (wok, steam, oven…). This will allow you to offer different textures (crunchy and fondant, they would say on TV) but also to reduce the amount of fat.
  5. Offer plenty of mineral water. Commercial still and sparkling waters often take on festive colors at this time of year, so take advantage of it.

Fruits and vegetables are a must for our festive tables: 

Légumes d hiver (c) EQRoy shutterstock

Winter vegetables (c) EQRoy shutterstock

Turnip, celery, leek, chard, pumpkin, potatoes, … It is time to cook winter vegetables. On the fruit side, give a touch of exoticism to your desserts with starfruit, mango, papaya, pomegranate????

Fruits on their 31

Fruits d hiver (c) Sokorevaphoto shutterstock

Winter fruits (c) Sokorevaphoto shutterstock

To finish the meal on a note of freshness, think of seasonal fruit. Propose, in cups, fruit already cut into pieces: pineapple, mango … Not forgetting dried or glazed fruit (orangettes, marrons glacés). Even better: skewer them plain, roasted or flambéed.  Or opt for a fresh fruit fondue with chocolate!

For a decorative touch, ask your florist for fern leaves and small fir branches.

Opt for a light and gourmet menu

Thanks to fresh fruits and vegetables, make a festive menu rhyme with lightness. Without giving up the pleasures of the table… For example, serve :

How about a buffet

Beyond the effect of surprise, this joyful departure from tradition has many advantages. First of all, the buffet (or thedinner aperitif) allows the cook to enjoy 100% of the evening, since everything is prepared just before the arrival of the guests. Verrines, aperitif spoonstoasts of zucchini, slices of beet with fresh cheesepotato appetizer with whipped cream and caviar, Endive trays with homemade tuna rillettesMini bites with queen, fish or meat skewers with fruits and vegetables …

Brochettes (c) Marysckin shutterstock

Skewers (c) Marysckin shutterstock

The buffet option puts everyone at ease: gourmets and moderate appetites are free to serve themselves as they wish. Farewell to the solemnity of waiting for one dish after another, give way to conviviality, games, quizzes and musical atmosphere.

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