In the New World – Organic and Quebecer Pub in Bordeaux

Au Nouveau Monde

Au Nouveau Monde

In the New World

The micro breweries have been fashionable for some years now in the Anglo-Saxon countries and it is happening here at lightning speed. Bordeaux, like many other major European cities, is affected by this appetite for the beer in general and craft beer in particular.  And that, friends of the internets, I buy!

The establishment In the New World is an original concept of bar that combines micro-brewery and pub, all in 100% organic.. The beers are brewed on the spot, in the vaulted cellar of 2 rue des boucheries, in the heart of the trendy district.

Etienne dans la micro brasserie

Etienne in the micro-brewery

On the ground floor you can refresh yourself with the 5 or 6 homemade beers (white, blond, red, brown) concocted according to the desires of Etienne, the alchemist brewer, one of whose specialties is the Black pearl !

What makes it special, you ask?

– It is a oyster stout !
– A what?
– A stout! Do you live in a cave or? I’ve been acting smart since I went on a trip to Leuven, Belgium with Elisabeth Pierre but before that I had no idea what it was. Stout is a beer brewed from a wort characterized by its content of highly roasted grains.

Céréales plus ou moins torréfiées

Cereals more or less roasted

It’s a very brown beer, like Guinness.

But oysters in beer?

Yes my dear! This is nothing new. In the 19th century, Etienne explained to us, we ate oysters with the stout; food and beer matches, we didn’t invent anything, my poor Lucette. And then a few decades later, the brewers tried to put the oyster directly in the beer and that’s how the oysters stouts. 

Here, in the New World, Etienne doesn’t put oysters (which bring a salty side to beer), but the shells which bring their minerality. I admit that I didn’t feel too much when I tasted it, but I’m not at all a specialist in the matter. Anyway, I like the idea of bringing a local, regional touch to beer.

Otherwise, we don’t only drink at Au Nouveau Monde, since we can also eat there with, for example, the trapper’s plate (deli meats, cheese, sardines), the homemade burger or the famous Quebec poutine, all prepared fromorganic ingredients.

Poutine (c) Foodio shutterstock

Poutine (c) Foodio shutterstock

Why this desire for 100% organic? 

Because Etienne, holder of a master’s degree in sociology devoted to neo liberalism, is a committed man. He wishes to embody change and has therefore become, thanks to his convictions, an ethical entrepreneur: organic ingredients, local products, fair trade, use of electricity only from renewable energy sources etc… He is also the founder of slow beer.

The atmosphere is friendly, without any fuss, with that North American simplicity and that Quebec accent that we love.

Bières - Nouveau Monde

Beers – New World

In short, an address that I recommend.

In the New World – 2 rue des Boucheries – 33 000 Bordeaux
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm. Happy hours between 6 and 8 pm

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