Lemon mint, the refreshing summer drink

Lemon mint comme à Dubaï



This spring, I don’t know if you remember I went to visit Dubai. While we were taking a break from the spice souk, our hostess advised us to take a lemon mint.

Lemon mint ?

Yes, a drink made with lemon and fresh mint. Overwhelmed by the heat, we nodded and enjoyed this ultra refreshing drink.

Lemon mint au souk aux épices

Lemon mint in the spice souk

I had kept the recipe in the corner of my head thinking it would be perfect for a hot day. I think that day has arrived. 😉

So this morning, before it got too hot, I made the recipe and shared it with you right away, so that you too can enjoy it.

Lemont mint

Lemont mint

You need (for 4 glasses) :

  • 2 lemons yellow
  • 1 lime
  • 1 bunch of mint (2 good handles)
  • 4 tablespoons of cane sugar syrup or powdered sugar (to be adjusted according to your taste). You can also use agave syrup or honey.

Wash the mint. Detach the leaves. Squeeze the lemons and recover as much pulp as possible. Put everything in the bowl of the blender. You can keep a few small mint leaves for decoration if you want.

Add 500 ml of water, the sugar, and mix for 2 minutes.

Then filter the preparation with a small fine sieve.

Lemon mint comme à Dubaï

Lemon mint as in Dubai

Serve with ice cubes. Even at 9am, I thought it was great.

To consume during the day.

A variant : Instead of plain water, use sparkling water. It’s super good too.

Enjoy the tasting!

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