Lentil salad with lemon confit and cumin

Salade de lentilles au citron confit et cumin

As many of you have encouraged me to continue publishing in spite of the news, I am sharing this delicious recipe with you.

Salade de lentilles au citron confit et cumin

Lentil salad with lemon confit and cumin

The other day, on my way back from an appointment in Bordeaux, I pushed the door of a store specializing in olive oil on rue Judaïque. It’s a little paradise for all oil and vinegar lovers (I tasted some things to drop on the floor), and bought several things including these candied lemons of the Domaine de l’arbre blanc in the Eastern Pyrenees :

Citrons confits

Candied lemons

Too good! Nathalie, who runs the store, advised me to put some in an salad of lenses. As soon as said, as soon as done. I loved it.

For 4 persons :

For seasoning

Fill a pan with water. Add the peeled onion pricked with 2 cloves, the peeled carrot, washed and cut in 4 and the bay leaf. Bring to the boil. Rinse the lentils and plunge them into boiling water. Do not salt the water. Cook the lentils for the time indicated on the package. At the end of cooking, drain and leave to cool.

Prepare the seasoning : Pour 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of pepper and 1 pinch of cumin into a salad bowl. Squeeze the orange and add 2 tablespoons of juice to the bowl. Mix and then pour 4 tablespoons of olive oil, emulsifying slightly.  Add the warmed lentils and the slices of candied lemon cut into cubes.


Salade de lentilles - citron confit et cumin

Lentil salad – candied lemon and cumin

A delight.

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