Line hake, carrot, coconut and cockles

Merlu de ligne, carottes, coco et coques

Merlu de ligne, carottes, coco et coques

Hake, carrots, coconut and cockles

A few weeks ago, I went at the invitation of MoiChef to Garopapilles, one of my favorite restaurants in Bordeaux.

Moichef ?

The concept of MoiChef consists in delivering to your home all the ingredients necessary to make a chef’s dish, all pre-weighed, packaged, with the instructions for use to make the recipe from A to Z. This concept only exists for the moment in Paris, but as the chef in charge was from Bordeaux, I accompanied them to see THE recipe made live by Tanguy Laviale, the chef of Garopapilles.

How does it work?

The chef makes his recipe and everything is noted by MoiChef: quantities, ingredients, cooking times etc.. And I assure you for having noted myself that it is not easy. Chefs often work by eye, do not necessarily weigh the ingredients etc.. There, no pity. We weigh, we measure.

Once the recipe is re-tested in Paris in their premises, the ingredients needed to make a recipe for 2 people are prepared in a laboratory and you can receive everything at home. You are the boss.

Livraison MoiChef

Delivery by MeChef

So I was able to test at home the recipe that I had seen Tanguy make.

  • Is it well packed? nickel.
  • Is it easy? Yes, you just have to follow the process. It’s a bit long for this recipe but it’s worth it.
  • What about the quality of the ingredients? Top. The fish was beautiful, the herbs very fresh etc..
  • Is it good? To fall on the floor. This allowed me to make a recipe that I will never have tried before. I’m not a fan of chef’s recipe books that I find not very suitable for us everyday cooks (like pass the preparation to the pacojet ^-^) but here we are clearly in real life. We can make the recipe and it’s a treat. We have the pleasure to say “it’s me who made it”.

To discover the concept, everything is on the website: They are currently in the middle of a crowfunding campaign.

The recipe prepared by Tanguy (well it’s not quite the same as me :p)

Merlu GaroPapilles

Hake GaroPapilles

Anyway, here is this recipe for 2 people. And if you don’t want to bother buying all the ingredients, weighing everything etc., don’t hesitate to check it out on MoiChef. You’ll find recipes from Yves Camdeborde, Sébastien Bras, Jean Pierre Vigato etc.

For the fish :

For baking the aromatic filling

For the hulls

For mushrooms

Pfor emulsion

  • 40 g whole milk
  • 40 g full cream
  • 200 g of cockle juice

For decoration :

  • Some chiselled oxalis leaves

For cooking the carrot ginger turmeric mixture

Peel the carrot and cut it into julienne. Cut the piece of coconut and the ginger, also into small cubes. Grate the turmeric with the Microplane (or other). Peel and chop the shallot.

On coupe en petits morceaux

We cut into small pieces

Put 10 g of butter in a saucepan. When it is frothy add the turmeric and ginger, the tablespoon of chopped shallot, the julienne of carrots. Mix well, add salt and pepper. Leave to brown for 2 to 3 minutes and then deglaze with the orange juice. Bring to the boil and add the coconut milk. When it starts to boil again, lower the heat and let it simmer, covered, for 12 minutes. Then add the grated coconut, the fresh coconut and the chopped marjoram (keep some for the fish).

Make a reservation.

For the cooking of shells

Shell the hulls and remove the intestine (to remove the sand).

Melt 15 g of butter over high heat in a saucepan. Add the shallot and marjoram when the butter is frothy. Sweat over high heat for 2 minutes then add the cockles. Mix and deglaze with 50 ml of white wine. Stir, cover and cook over high heat for 1 to 1.30 minutes. Remove to a cold plate to stop the cooking.

For cooking shimeji

Using a chisel, remove the heads of the shimeji mushrooms.

Préparation des Shimeji

Preparation of Shimeji

Put in a frying pan 1 tablespoon of cockles juice, 5 g of butter and 3 g of lime juice, add the heads of shimeji and cook for 30 seconds. It is ready

For cooking fish : 

Salt the fish on both sides. Where there was the skin, flour lightly. Heat a stainless steel frying pan until it is steaming. Pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil into it and place the hake in the pan on the floured side. Add 20 g of butter to the pan and while the fish is cooking, sprinkle it regularly with melted butter to feed it. Add a fillet of lime and 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce. It is cooked only on one side. Count 3 to 4 minutes, always basting (don’t hesitate to put a lid on for the last 30 seconds of cooking.) Place on a rack, add a few lime zests, a pinch of marjoram reserved beforehand and leave to rest.

For the emulsion

Mix the juice of the cockles, milk and cream. Heat it up and when it’s hot, use a hand blender.

All you have to do is to draw up

Place the 12 of the whole, i.e. the carrot and ginger topping, on each plate. Add the cockles, mushrooms, a little juice and place the fish. Cover with a little lime zest, some chopped oxalys leaves and emulsion of cockles juice.

Merlu façon Garopapilles

Hake Garopapilles style

Super refined, delicious, in short, cuisine that is out of the ordinary, perfect for a party or special occasion.

GaroPapilles – 62, Rue Abbé de l’épée – Bordeaux – Tel.

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