Pie with foie gras and pigeon of Château Lilian Ladouys

Tourte au foie gras et pigeon du Château Lilian Ladouys

Tourte au pigeon et au foie gras

Pigeon pie with foie gras

On the edge of Pauillacin the Médoc, the vineyards of the Castle Lilian Ladouys cover 46 hectares, covering all the typical soils of the appellation. Saint-Estèphe.

After hours of glory in the 18th and 19th centuries and dark hours at the beginning of the 20th century, the castle really came back to life in 2008, when it was acquired by Jacky and Françoise Lorenzetti. Fallen under the spell of the castle, they invested in human and technical means and the very fragmented vineyard was the subject of a vast regrouping, dividing its number of plots by two and refocusing it on the most beautiful terroirs of Saint-Estèphe.

Château Lilian Ladouys

Castle Lilian Ladouys

The owners receive a lot and it is Martine, the housekeeper, who cooks. She is passionate and loves to please. So yesterday, while we were visiting the property, she prepared for Anne Victoire and me a delicious pigeon pie with ceps and foie gras, of which here is the recipe. Thank you very much for this sharing.

For 1 pie :

  • 3 puff pastry (1 for the bottom, 1 for the top, 1 for the decoration)
  • 2 pigeons (You need about 250 g of flesh with the giblets after boning them).
  • 450 g of ceps
  • 250 g of foie gras raw
  • 125 g dried ham
  • 100 g of bacon (smoked or not, at your convenience)
  • 200 g of chicken livers
  • 50 g stale bread
  • 4 shallots
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of Armagnac
  • 1 pinch of fleur de sel
  • 1 pinch of pepper

For gilding :

Quelques ingrédients de la recette

Some ingredients of the recipe

For the stuffing : Peel the garlic and shallot. Lift the pigeon fillets and set them aside. Bone the thighs, the sleeves, recover the livers and the gizzards.

Put the flesh in a bowl (except the fillets), add the chicken livers, ham, garlic cloves, shallots, bread, parsley and mince it all.

Then add the Armagnac, salt, pepper and beaten eggs in omelette. Mix and set aside.

Sauté the porcini mushrooms and dice them.

Place a sheet of puff pastry on a baking sheet. Cover it with half of the stuffing and then with a layer of porcini mushrooms. Scallop the pigeon supremes, spread them over the ceps and cover with slices of foie gras. Salt and pepper these two last layers well. Finish by spreading the rest of the stuffing on top.

Préparation de la farce pour la tourte

Preparation of the stuffing for the pie

Cover with the second sheet of puff pastry. Solder the 2 doughs together with a little egg yolk or by pleating the dough. Then 2 possibilities:

  • Either you want to decorate and in a third pastry you cut out leaf-shaped patterns that you place on the top of the pie.
  • Either you leave it as it is.

In the 2 cases, it is necessary before putting it in the oven, to brown it with egg. Mix in a ramekin the egg yolk, water and a pinch of salt. Brush the pie with this preparation.

Couvrez et décorez

Cover and decorate

Make a hole in the center of the top dough (a small chimney) and put a small piece of parchment paper inside so that it doesn’t close. This will allow steam to escape during baking.

Bake 20 to 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 200°C, rotating heat. There will be quite a lot of cooking fat (linked to the presence of the foie gras) that will run out, that’s why it’s better to cook on the fried lick, rather than in a pie tin.

Tourte devant la cheminée

Pie in front of the fireplace

Serve with a small salad.

Tourte coupée

Cut pie

This delicious dish is very representative of the Medocaine cuisine. Here the best local products are respected and worked. We make our own foie gras, pâtés, we hunt, we live with nature. This pie is absolutely delicious but it requires to have done some exercise before and to have time to take a nap afterwards. 🙂

To be accompanied by a Château Ladouy 2010 or a The Lilian Motto 2010 or a Fleurie, Castle of Moriers of Miss Vicky Wine. These are the 3 that we preferred in food and wine pairing!



And meanwhile, in the vineyard, we prune.

En ce moment, on taille dans le Médoc

At the moment, we are pruning in the Médoc ©Château Lilian Ladouys

Enjoy your meal!

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