Pisciculture du Moulin – Gensac la Pallue

Pisciculture du Moulin

Pisciculture du Moulin - Gensac La Pallue

Pisciculture du Moulin – Gensac La Pallue

Last week, as I was walking around in CharenteI discovered thanks to my guide, a quite exceptional establishment, the fish farm of the Mill. This one is located in Gensac la Pallue, just behind the church, where there is an important resurgence, called the Gouffre, giving birth to a small tributary of the Charente.

Yann Lafond took over this company in 2007. In the clear, cool waters (16°C all year round) of this blue abyss, he raises trout rainbow and fario and sturgeon by registering in the integrated fish farming.

Petit esturgeon deviendra grand

Small sturgeon will become big

He gives priority to the quality of the food, respects a low density of fish in the ponds and relies on patience to give them time to grow.

About trouthe raises rainbow trout and Fario trout.



I asked Yann for his advice on how to choose a trout from a fishmonger. 

1 – For nets, a good reference point is the myomer.

It is the whole of the muscular tissues. In general, they have V or W shapes. These are the small lines on the picture below.



The whiter these strokes are, the fatter the fish will be and the more it will have been pushed (intensive farming). The tighter the strokes and the less white they are, the better. After that it also depends on the size of the fish so compare what is comparable.

2 – Ask the origin of the fish. In France we find many trout from Spain that take 6 months to get a size that takes him 1 year and a half to get. I think you are old enough to understand the difference in terms of quality on the plate.

3 – Enter Fario trout and rainbow troutIt’s up to you. The fario trout is the native wild trout of our rivers. It has red and black dots and its flesh is firmer and less fat but the rainbow is also very good.

Thank you very much Yann for this advice.

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Pisciculture du Moulin

Pisciculture du Moulin

The fish farm also breeds sturgeons and in December 2015 presented its first caviar production with excellent returns. And for having tasted it I found it top too.

Caviar - Pisciculture du Moulin - Gensac La Pallue

Caviar – Pisciculture du Moulin – Gensac La Pallue

A more exceptional dish, but it was also worth talking about.

Here are the friends of the internets, you know as much as I do. I hope that this will have made you want to eat Yann’s trout. To discover at the fish farm or at some fishmongers.

Pisciculture du Moulin – Chemin du Gouffre – 16 130 Gensac la Pallue
Tel : 05 45 35 96 50

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